• 3rd April 2017

New Term – HTML Training on offer – 15% off

New Term – HTML Training on offer – 15% off

New Term – HTML Training on offer – 15% off 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

At 79DESIGN we like to occasionally offer new deals and packages, not just for businesses but for students who are trying to learn HTML.

We offer HTML Training – this is to teach many aspects of web design coding, including:

  • header tag usage (H1, H2, H3)
  • what is a Title Tag?
  • is a Meta Description still needed?
  • should I wrap text in Paragraph Tags <p>?
  • <img> Image tag use, including alt tags
  • DIVs – and how they are very effective
  • What is a Stylesheet (CSS)

These are just a few of the areas we can teach you, in easy to understand ways.  We can visit you in the evening at a school (with their consent), or at your home.  This can be on a one-off basis, or weekly or even monthly, as additional tutoring.

We can also teach website hosting, what it is, and go further.

html training checklist

For April 2017 we are offering 15% off any standard pricing.  So if you wanted to book two months for anytime, from now, if you book in April, it will all be at 15% off.

Please get in touch via any of our contact methods, and we can tailor the training specifically to your needs, or visit our HTML Training main website page.

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