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UK Website Hosting
...with Free SSL

Over 10 years of hosting experience… with free backups, free SSL, emails included, and quick to setup.
From dual-layer hosting security, to multi-site servers.

lincolnshire website hosting services

We keep things simple … yet powerful.

We have an excellent UK hosting team behind us, who have been in the business for over 15 years.

FREE Daily Backups

Daily backups of ‘ALL’ our websites, with fast restore should the worst happen.

All our websites are securely hosted (https://…) and is Google preferred.  Our UK Website Hosting service is truly premier, as is our support.

“Finding the right company to host your website is a minefield.  I want you to know that our servers are in the UK.  They really are backed up every single day, over the course of 2 weeks.  So if we are asked to ‘roll back’, we can do it very quickly.  I have known our hosting partners for over 15 years.  First name terms!  It goes a long way, when you are trusting them with multiple businesses.  I know, as our business is with them too.”


Director, 79DESIGN


Why our website hosting?

    • Friendly, local support via telephone, email and livechat
    • Our  is available if you already have an existing website.
    • Our hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy
    • Offsite backups included FREE with all hosting packages
    • Fully-managed hosting – Don’t worry about the ‘techy stuff’, we take care of all of that for you.
    • Our hosting is situated in the United Kingdom. It’s great for your website’s SEO, it keeps you GDPR compliant and it makes your website quicker for your visitors.

UK Based Web Hosting

99% of our websites are UK hosted.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Exclusive monitor service for uptime of your website.

Fast Instant Support Service

We can remotely and securely access the server.

Superfast Dedicated Hosting

Super reliable, super fast and secure servers.

UK Performance Website Hosting

Always SSL. Always here for you.

Multi-Site Hosting Server

One Server. Loads of Websites.

Your own server account, multiple websites… where all your websites can be on one-container.  This is for you if you want to have everything in the one place, under your own control.  Just want to add another site to it, no problem.  Comes complete with daily backups, and our support.

A server like this can be setup within hours, and usable almost immediately.  We can even help to move your site(s) over.

daily backups

Daily Backups
One-Click Restore.

Our hosting servers do automatic daily backups.  This means no matter what you do, we can restore it going back 14 days.

If there is a problem, just drop us a line and we can usually restore your website within 15 minutes (occasionally longer at weekends).

Better still…. if we need to do a big update, we can ‘on click backup’…. (takes about 5-10 mins to run) and if things go a bit wrong, One Click Restore.  Simple.

We’ve got your back!

Only Email Hosting needed?

No probs.

With Web Hosting comes Email Hosting.  You can access the email via webmail (through a browser), or most mobile devices and desktop email software.  But we also provide email-only hosting. This is where your website is hosted in one place, but you want your emails hosted elsewhere.  We can do that for you – just get in touch.  If you want more information on Business Email hosting, click here.

cheap wordpress hosting transfer

Transferring your Website Hosting to us

At 79DESIGN we often hear of customers who get little to no support from their website supplier – we are a very different company. Our support is superior, fast response to every client. The latest server systems and processes means your site will always load fast from our UK based servers.

Let's can move it all over to our web hosting services

Your emails can be setup by us with ease, help with email problems, upgrade you to SSL, and monitor the server to avoid crashes.  We really do take good care of your website.

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