Video Animation Whiteboard Services

Bringing advanced
video animations

Creating branded, colourful, bespoke video animations for your business website, and social media

Adding video animation
on brand
to your Spec

What is a whiteboard video animation?

They are called “whiteboard” animations as they tend to be on white backgrounds. We however create video animations that are supremely colourful, totally on brand, with a British (or not) voiceover. They include rich details about your subject, and each one it entirely bespoke.

“Thank you for all your continued help, right from day one, you have been amazing! 😉
Abbie, Marketing, iMist, Dartford

A simple video can make such a difference

This video was made for local business, Marine Fish Shop to promote their “Build an Aquarium” feature on their website.

Every Video Animation created with care and attention to detail

We can created Video Animations for various businesses, and even just simple Logo Animations too.  And they are not as expensive as you might think.  From simple 30 seconds clips, to longer.  Just let us know roughly what you want, and we can quote you for it.

“My mind was put at ease knowing that you are just at the end of a phone or email if anything needs sorted, he brought our website upto date and it’s running brilliantly We would highly recommend 79 Design for anything website related.”
Chris, SBT Animal Rescue, Wisbech