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We have the skills for CSS Developer and advanced HTML Developing, to take your website further.

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Our foundations began with HTML and CSS Development. With the dawn of WordPress and other tools, these skills have been lost. But we still have these CSS developers skills, and can bring them to your website.

If you need to push your website further, advance your HTML developers’ powers, and make your website more bespoke, we are here for you.

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“What they can do with a keyboard is genius. No idea how they did it.”


css html developersNeed some special HTML Developers coding done? Get in touch!

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More than WordPress - advancing your code

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Make your CSS outstanding

We have been operating for over 13 years, but inhouse we have skills that go way beyond that – remember Dreamweaver and FrontPage?  Writing code, using our CSS Developers skills to make a webpage responsive and look outstanding is what we learnt even back then.  Need an SVG Developer to create some byte size images?  Setup the Padding, fix the Margins, add curved borders, adjust gradients and fix colourings in your CSS?

To do this takes a HTML Developer who can grab the HTML by the Horns, investigate what’s going on, and advance the CSS development for you.  Get in touch today.

How much is CSS Development?

This is an impossible one to answer, but we thought we’d ask it here anyway.

The issue with CSS is that every single problem is different.  If you want text to be bold, it’s simple.  If you want to add shadows, and then adjust the shadow and colouring, that is a little more complex.

The answer is to contact us, send a link to your website and we can take a look for you.  Let’s get cracking!

“Firstly, thanks for your hard work, the website looks amazing!”
James, Oakham, Clothing store

Specific types of websites

CSS Shadow Development

Adding shadows, inside or outside boxes, and around text

Aligning text and boxes

Setting up layouts, widths of images and boxes

Gaps and Margins

Fixing the paddings and margins around boxes, images and text

Myriad of other CSS fixes

Countless issues out there – try us…

“Website is perfect, thank you.”
Simon C, Private Education, Wembley
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