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simple simpler website hosting review
Simple Hosting. A Simpler Life. 1024 512 79DESIGN Ltd

Simple Hosting. A Simpler Life.

This article is about hosting and the technical side of it – and how we keep it simple.  If you are looking for a new website, this might not be the article for you, but if you want to understand how we think and feel about hosting platforms, and why a good one is important…

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first class website design service
What makes it a better service? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

What makes it a better service?

How difficult really is it to respond to a client’s messages or their team’s messages within a reasonable space of time? It’s a question we asked today when working for a number of clients in London who had different people doing different things for them, but all liaising through us at 79DESIGN.  One was sending…

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A new website for a new year 1024 571 79DESIGN Ltd

A new website for a new year

Quick question before we start: How long is it into the ‘New Year’ before you can no longer say ‘new year’? I ask this as this article is about the ‘new year’, and if you are reading this in February, that ‘time’ has now sort of ….. passed.  Anyhow, hang in there and read on.…

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The new Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe 1000 750 79DESIGN Ltd

The new Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe

Last month we were delighted to be contacted by Sarah and Ellie at Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe about their website. We have been to the gardens and ‘the hall’ many times over the years, and been into the cafe too, but they have completely renovated it into something much warmer and more inviting. After an initial…

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blogging vs social media
Blogging vs Social Media: Which is best? 1024 577 79DESIGN Ltd

Blogging vs Social Media: Which is best?

Do I really have to write those blog articles, get all the SEO right, adding the images and so on, if I can just work on my social media posts, where I already have a a great many followers? We often hear this same phrase: “Does it make sense having a blog if we just…

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positive change websites
Make that change – today 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

Make that change – today

The new clients’ choice New clients come our way for various reasons.  Sometimes it is a new business so they want a local company to help them with their new website.  Sometimes it is a revamp they need, so we go through what’s needed, perhaps ‘bin’ the pages that are no longer needed and come…

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charity web design donation
Website for Charities 800 533 79DESIGN Ltd

Website for Charities

We create and manage websites for all sorts of businesses and organisations.  We thought it would be a good idea to tell you how we can now help your charity with a new website, as well as our donation package too. A Charity Website needs to show what you do, your team, the work you…

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lincolnshire websites displayed
The Many Varied Websites 1024 534 79DESIGN Ltd

The Many Varied Websites

Being a website design company means we get to see all sorts of difference types of businesses and people. In the last few weeks among many, we have met a Personal Fitness trainer, and some local Cafe Owners, both of whom we hope to work with very soon.  There are not many businesses where you…

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