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Interview with a Director 365 250 79DESIGN Ltd

Interview with a Director

Over the years I have been asked questions about my work, and how it all started.  I had a conversation with someone to go through these questions, and here they are for you to enjoy. Why do you do this…

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website hosting
Review on Hosting Systems inc Google 1024 588 79DESIGN Ltd

Review on Hosting Systems inc Google

Like many website design companies, we use hosting partners, and they use varied hosting platforms.  This article is about the Web Hosting Control Panels (WHCP) we have used, tried out, and now rely on for the best performance and easiest-to-use…

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Flash has gone. What next? 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Flash has gone. What next?

We are sure you have heard that Flash has now gone.  Left us.  Goodbye. But what was Adobe Flash? It had many uses, but one of its most common was to do funky stuff on screen, with animations and so…

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wordpress centre
Why Choose WordPress to Power Your Website? 1024 642 79DESIGN Ltd

Why Choose WordPress to Power Your Website?

There are so many ways that your organisation would benefit from using WordPress as your website’s CMS platform.  To run your online business, to promote it, to sell it’s products and services. Scale it up WordPress just grows and grows…

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website design structure
What makes a good website structure? 1024 529 79DESIGN Ltd

What makes a good website structure?

When we design websites, particular with a shop or blog, we have to consider the structure of the website. But what does “structure” actually mean, in these terms anyway? A “structure” to most is a layout.  It can also be…

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google recaptcha wordpress security
Google Securing your Website 820 449 79DESIGN Ltd

Google Securing your Website

Have you ever heard of Google Recaptcha?  Probably not, and why would you? Doubtless you have seen it though. Have you been to a website contact form where you have to check a box to say “I am not a…

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ecommerce design
What makes a great eCommerce site? 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

What makes a great eCommerce site?

You have a business already, or you are starting one up – you need an ecommerce website. This might be a website on which you sell products, or people can book time with you.  Or it might be a semi…

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pagination vs infinity scroll
Pagination vs Infinity Scroll 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

Pagination vs Infinity Scroll

With website design, we want our customers and their clients to receive the best website experience possible.  But we also want Google to be really happy with the website.  When it comes to eCommerce Shop Category pages, the issue of…

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