• 30th May 2024

Always lovely when a company moves to us

Always lovely when a company moves to us

Always lovely when a company moves to us 715 402 79DESIGN Ltd

Sometimes we get clients come to us to have a new website created.  Sometimes it’s to have their website moved to us, so we can provide them with new support.

But there are occasions when a client comes to us, while their website is being created, because they are no longer comfortable with their original choice of designer.

This happened just recently for Sarah Jane Jewels.  Right of the bat, we won’t mention the company involved that created it for them.  That’s just not decent.  But we will explain what happened.  Sarah asked us to quote to do her website, but she went for another company, purely because of costs, and location.  Again – we try to keep the company confidential.

She got in touch asking us about a few things on the site and to look at what was done.  There were issues on the homepage, images were not looking quite right the text was “not on brand”, with big bold capitals, rather than the more dainty text she wanted to adopt.

After a few email exchanges, and several calls with us she decided it was time to move.  We helped make this happened, and finished off her site for us, plus with new licenses for tools on the site that she purchased we then provided WordPress Training.

Oddly the company she was going with, wanted to do this remotely even tho she could visit them extremely easily.
We met her at a local Wetherspoons and spent a few hours going through it all with her.

We made some design tweaks for her, and the result is a lovely looking website, which is on brand, fast responding and we monitor it for updates.

We thank Sarah for asking us to take on her website, and wish her well with it.

You can visit more details on it here:  Sarah Jane Jewels

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