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Social Media Taking the Lead Online

Managing your social media online can be a bit of a drain.  If you only use Facebook, it is easy.  But to capture the attention of as many people and businesses as possible, you need to be on many more – there lies the drain!

We are here to make that side of your business a whole lot easier.  We can monitor your website and pick out special areas that we feel would be a good social media story, or you can tell us of something that has recently happened.

One of our clients does work with Bupa and Debenhams, and they asked us if those areas would be a good place to send us content about the project.  Oh yes!  Wow.  Let’s tell the world about what you are dong for Bupa.  How you are helping in the medical industry at that high-end level.

Taking the lead, telling the world via Social Media channels

We have the experience and tools to make this work so much easier – you want something out on Instagram, G+, Twitter and Facebook NOW?  Done.

Social Media channels taking the lead


Don’t let the world slip by and tell just Facebook or just Twitter.  Have it all managed beautifully, locally, by a company that really cares.  Connect it to your website so you can feed back to the site with your products and news.

Make the new exciting – draw in the clients

When we take the lead in Social Media here in Lincolnshire, it means we are here for you.  To manage it.  To step forward and work for you, on your terms.  We don’t have fixed packages, as each requirement is different.

Let’s hear what you have to say on your social media, and then create your package to meet your budget.

Come visit us on our Social Media page for more information, and let’s start changing your world.

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Hash Tag Marketing boosts followers 900 533 Editor

Hash Tag Marketing boosts followers

We look after social media for many companies; one of the areas we look after is with Instagram and Twitter.

The birth of Hash Tag Marketing

Gathering followers can help grow your business rapidly, using the correct hash tags in Tweets and Instagram posts, can do some amazing things.  You may get some followers who are of no interest, but if your tag marketing is done correctly, the followers can be local to you, and end up being a valued client.

For marketing purposes, and hash tag can attract the right people who are searching for particular types of tag marketing hashtags – #marketing #growveg #localplumbers, #holbeach and so on.  If people are searching for these sorts of terms, they can attract your post, and you have a new reader.

We work with highly optimised websites to help promote their content through their social media, and include these hashtags in the marketing we do for them.


If you are unsure about the best ways to promote your business, and require our monthly support, whether it is with your website’s marketing, growing your SEO compliance tools or improving the followers in your hash tag marketing techniques, do get in touch with us.

Our Livechat service is online now, or our contact details are at the top and bottom of this page.

Trust in us – the local Spalding Website Company – proud to be serving Lincolnshire and surrounding counties.

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How important is Social Media to you? 1024 373 Editor

How important is Social Media to you?

Social Media is definitely part of our lives now, whether some of us like it or not.  Many make a good business purely through social media marketing, while some prefer to have a full website as well, so that the social media channels can direct traffic “into your world”.

Instagram - Social Media

There are varying platforms to work on, and some may or may not be relevant to your work.  For example, if you are a plumber, chances are an Instagram is probably not something you need.  But if you are a kitchen fitter, or you build bathrooms, then Instagram will be brilliant for you.  Then you can promote the amazing kitchens you have made for your customers.

Facebook - Social Media

Twitter - Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are fairly similar, in that you post ‘Status’ messages on both.  With Instagram you can post back to Twitter and Facebook too (yes this is where is can get a little confusing).  So if you have taken a photo, or you have a graphic you want to share, you can in fact do it through Instagram, and when you ‘post’, it can go to FB and Twit as well.  Very cool eh?

What we can do for you is to manage everything through our Social Media Management – monitoring your incoming PMs (Private Messages) on these platforms, and reply to a PM on your behalf, sometimes referring them to your website or telephone number.  But mostly it’s about ‘Posting’.

A good conversation with you, along with understand if you have a website and any SEO issues you may have, means we tailor our service precisely to your requirements.  We don’t just have a package for everything.  You might want us to take on ALL platforms, or just Facebook and Instagram, or just Twitter.  It’s entirely up to you; it’s down to what social media is important in your life.

Social Media based here in Lincolnshire

Based here in Lincolnshire generally means we look after local Lincolnshire companies’ social media.  But we also go far and wide.  We prefer the face-to-face conversation as well, so we can get to know you, and understand what sort of image you wish to portray.  Your brand.  Then we know where we are going with it.

You might like to add some Call to Action buttons on your Facebook, or have a Blog setup that is scheduled to send out news ready for a particular holiday or season.  We can look after it all for you.  If you need photos taking, we can include that in our package, and spend time each month with you.

So if you need some help, advice, or to have it managed for you, get in touch with us.  We are here ready to help.

Call 01775894479

Call Today for your Social Media requirements

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What’s in a Hashtag? 900 533 Editor

What’s in a Hashtag?

You have seen it on the telly, and heard it on the radio… “this TV show is crazy…. hashtag crazyshow”.  So what is that all about?  A hash tag, or # is the way of tagging (using a tag) within social media, a particular subject or group of things.

For example, let’s say we want to promote something about WordPress and we are using Twitter and Instagram.  Once might add #wordpress #wordpresstraining.  Why?  Because of someone else searching of even “follows” the term WordPress or WordPressTraining, they will find your post.  They might then take a keen interest in your Tag, and ‘Like It’

Sounds very cool to some, and rather silly to others.

If you posted on Instagram something about what you do for a living, or what you enjoy in life, and add a Hashtag that means something to that post (or a combination of Hashtags), within seconds you could find your post being liked by people, and perhaps new followers.

Hashtag Marketing is the way ahead to find customers

While Social Media is not the ‘key’ to SEO marketing, it is very important to have it.  So using a hashtag is great for your marketing, to help promote and draw people in.

If you walked past a shop and you loved Starbucks Coffee, and someone outside the store was holding up a banner, or shouting “come get a free Starbucks Coffee”, you might be inclined to go in and try some…. and look around.  Hey, you’ve been hooked in.  Simple as that.

TV Shows using Hashtags as well.  Quite often you will see in the bottom left corner of the screen, #show-title.  So that for people looking on Instagram or Twitter following a programme’s reviews and comments, it’s made very simple.

So don’t be shy.  Post on Twitter and Instagram, Hashtag what you are on about, use 1, use 10, or as many as you like that are relevant, and see what people hook-in and follow you to enjoy your posts.  It does get a little addictive, but it’s also wonderful for your clients.

Want some help setting up your Social Media?

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Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin 150 150 Editor

Managing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

How often do you Tweet or post a message on your Facebook page, or post an article on Linked In?

These days with so many people looking at that phones or tablets, looking at social media, checking Twitter and their Facebook page, it is so important to keep up the messages to entice people into your network, and your website.

Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts

Some folks like to sent a couple of Tweets or Facebook Posts each week, some like to schedule a load in over the course of a month.  We can manage all that for you.

The costs of such a service are down to how many messages you want to send out each month, and we can talk with you to get the right amount for your requirements.

social media management spalding

If an Article is published directly on Linked In, it is broadcast on their main wall, rather than just on your own page, so that benefits you by drawing in readers who are not within your ‘friends’ list on Linked In.

Facebook Posts – Links to your website

The brilliant thing about posting to Facebook, from your Blog or directly to your Page, is that you can add links and imagery, to entice people to click and go into your website.  This can be for new products, some really special news you want to tell everyone about – or just a simple little article about a part of your job!

For lots more information on Social Media Marketing, from our Spalding office, click here.

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When did you last Blog about your Company? 1024 332 Editor

When did you last Blog about your Company?

Something we rave on about is Blogging, and how important it is.  It gets your keywords out there, it updates your sitemap so Google crawls your site, and increases the size of your website which is also great for SEO.

But if you haven’t blogged in say, six months, Google will not likely crawl your site too often, as it sees very little changes to your website.

The more often you blog, or more often something changes to the structure of your site, the more regularly Google’s (and others) crawlers will scan your site.  It’s a fact of life on the web nowadays.

blog management

What makes a good Blog?

Some decent content about your company.  Something informative, and that will grab a reader’s attention.  An image or two that has the appropriate keywords attached to them, correct header titles and so on.  A lot going into a really good blog, specially if it is designed mostly for SEO purposes.


If you need help, want us to make your ‘copy’ into a proper Blog Post, get in touch . We will be glad to help.

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Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Kik – more ways to connect 1024 546 Editor

Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Kik – more ways to connect

We understand that clients want to get in contact with their web designers using their preferred means, rather than ours, such as Whatsapp, Skype and Viber.  So as well as our landline, we now have a new dedicated mobile support line, and ‘chat’ methods too.

So if you use Whatsapp, KiK, Skype, Viber or Facebook Messenger, you can easily get help and support from 79DESIGN.

Just visit our Contact and Support page, where there is lots of information on these easy ways to get in touch.  If we miss a call, we will call you back.  Just leave a message on our support mobile voicemail.

contact methods - whatsapp, viber...

Whatsapp and Skype others now available for support





Facebook Messenger

With millions using these now, we know some just like to pick up their phone, type in the details and get in touch.  Now you can.  Easy and free.

Our mobile number is 07521 488 074, while our landline remains 01775894479.

New Towns of South Holland App 1024 451 Editor

New Towns of South Holland App

In the past month, South Holland Council has had an App developed for Android, iOS and others, to help the development of local businesses, and to help local residents find services – the Towns of South Holland App.

It’s free to download and free to update.  Just search in your App Store “Towns of South Holland”.

Towns of South Holland icon

Towns of South Holland icon see in App Store

We are pleased to say that following helpful support from Jayne, we are now included in this App, under Spalding > Services > Web Designers.  Our telephone number, information and link to our website are all included.  With excellent help from Jayne in the South Holland Council offices, we are extremely happy to be included in this project.  It’s great for the area, and for those looking for services like ours, we are really pleased.

When you first download the app, you open it and you see this screen for a brief moment.  It then opens to a menu where you can view by town, or A-Z.  It’s really smart.  There will be more developments on it in the future.

How Towns of South Holland looks

You can find more details on this app on the South Holland Council website:

This page has quotes from those involved as well.


free website healthcheck
New Free Website Health Check available 1024 316 Editor

New Free Website Health Check available

In the last few months or so we have been working hard to upgrade our website, to make it more information, more modern, and even more responsive to help you find the very best service; part of this was to prove a website health check service.

Each page now has much more information on the services we provide, greater detail on certain key benefits of our services, as well as website upgrades, website hosting, and many more specifics about each topic.

A website health check that is free – amazing!

One of the fabulous new things we now offer is a FREE website health check.  This is linked from our homepage, and in the Web Design menu of our main website.  Visit the page, which has details of some elements we check, and a simple form for you to give us your details, and we do the rest.

We then send you a report on various areas we cover, from navigation, layout, titles, and general “coding” that you may not be aware off.  Through to using Google’s tools (or whether you are not using them), to sitemaps.

Having the very best website for your service is our aim, and now we can offer you a report to give you more information.

Once you have the information, including “why” these elements are so important, you can make an informed decision about what you would like to do.  Maybe get in touch with us to ask us if we can help to fix them all.

This is not a service to moan about your website.  Design and appearance is very personal.  This is about the essentials that a website needs.  Visit a Doctor and they won’t tell you if they feel you are attractive. They will check on your “health”.   This is what we are doing with our website health check.

Facebook Posts via your Blog 1024 400 Editor

Facebook Posts via your Blog

Many people like to use Facebook now (yes, that’s a bit of an understatement), but if you have a business website, and you ‘Blog’, you might be missing out on broadcasting it automatically to your Facebook page.

No secret to Blog’s posting to Facebook Timeline

There are no real big secrets to doing this, but when we setup a website for you, and it includes a Blog, or the website is already written using WordPress, we can install a tool that, when a Post goes live, it will go out to your Facebook (and Twitter etc) straight away, along with the main photo you assigned to the Post.  One small bit of disclaimer here though – sometimes it plays games and the photo you add, isn’t always assigned to the Post in the ‘Timeline’!  It’s funny like that.

blog management

Facebook – driving traffic to your website

When we write your Posts with your narrative, or train you to write WordPress Posts for your blog, and your site is already connected to Facebook, we will show you how fast it has gone onto your Page’s “Timeline”.  It’s pretty much instant.

Some folks like to add Social Media Posts themselves, which is great.  But a Post from your Blog is far better, as it links back to your Blog or website, increasing traffic flow, and means people may then start to browse your website.

The same goes for Twitter, Google + and Linked In.

So let us show you how you can enable your own WordPress website (or a new one with us) to broadcast your messages from one source, to ALL sources while driving traffic back to your website.

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