UK WordPress Hosting Services

Great power & security.

Our finest level of WordPress Hosting, with huge storage capacity, daily backups and astonishing performance.

An extra level of security for good measure, and easy storage expansion available too.

uk wordpress website hosting

WordPress Hosting it comes with sooooo much

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are no restrictions on bandwidth – high traffic is welcomed!

Free Instant Staging Area

If you want to move to us, and redesign, we can build it on a Staging site.

Fast Support Service

You can rest assured that our support is here just when you need it.

Huge Storage Capacity

For large blogs through to ecommerce websites, if you need storage, we got it.

Security features

Web Application Firewall

We run a unique instance of mod_security on your WordPress VPS, dedicated to protecting your hosted sites. The mod_security WAF is enabled with our own in house curated rule set based on OWASP. mod_security itself works with fail2ban and also firewalld to provide comprehensive protection against common hacks and attacks.

Brute Force Protection

To protect against automated login attacks we detect and protect against these hack attempts in real time. Repeated login failures result in temporary IP bans via fail2ban with increasingly longer bans for repeated failed attempts.

Brute force XML RPC

Packet flooding is controlled via fail2ban; bursts of multiple packets in quick succession will trigger a fail2ban rule and temporarily block the offending IP address. mod_security also will trigger on unusually sized packets and incorrectly formatted packets.

Scanning and proactive protection

We run daily scans of all our managed WordPress hosting accounts and check plugins which have been opted out or are unable to be automatically updated against If we detect anything listed as a potential security hole, our system will automatically notify you. Our support team are available 365 days a year should you have any queries at all.

ssl wordpress hosting

Always Secure SSL Hosting

All our Hosting is SSL – it is secure!  So any transmission between you and the site is secure.  Contact forms are encrypted.  Our WordPress Support services will provide further support with this hosting.

Google prefers SSL websites.  Chrome will tell you if a website is Insecure.  If yours is not secure, contact us today about our secure WordPress Hosting.

As a UK WordPress Agency, we feel SSL is the best method of hosting your your business.

WordPress Website Hosting with great local support too

As a UK WordPress Agency, we provide WordPress Hosting that can handle pretty much any level of traffic thrown at it.

We feel our service, response times to emails and ease of contacting us makes our performance a very appetising proposition.  Each package however is unique.  Unlike some companies that charge you one price, no matter how big or small your site, we quote a price based on your requirements within your WordPress Hosting requirements.

This includes FREE email hosting too, on our upper-level WP Hosting services.

Transfer your hosting to us

cheap wordpress hosting transfer

Transferring your WordPress Website Hosting to us with ease

At 79DESIGN we often hear of customers who get little to no support from their website supplier – we are a very different company. Our support is superior, fast response to every client.

We can move it all over to our web hosting services

Setting up and manage your emails with ease, help with email problems, upgrade you to SSL, and monitor the server to avoid crashes.  Taking good care of your website.