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Whether you need an informative brochure website, ecommerce, or something a little different, 79DESIGN Web Developers has the expertise and over a decade of experience to design and develop the solution you are looking for, with SEO to match.

dropdown menu example
Advancing a WordPress menu Dropdown 618 618 79DESIGN Ltd

Advancing a WordPress menu Dropdown

This article is about how we had a theme developed beyond its default, to allow Tablets/Mobile to tap on a menu, and it expand… most won’t do that! Do you have website where you have dropdown menus.  Such as Mens,…

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slider example
Oh no, not sliders… 780 500 79DESIGN Ltd

Oh no, not sliders…

As a general rule, we are not fans of Sliders, also known as Carousels.  This is for a number of reasons. But why?  They show lots of info in one place, and are kind of interactive to the user.  The…

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proper livechat services
When livechat isn’t livechat 1024 620 79DESIGN Ltd

When livechat isn’t livechat

We like providing our clients (current and new) with the best customer support. Some like to give us a call, or drop us an email, but often they just like to click on the Livechat link, and chat to someone. …

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uk website hosting shine
Why our websites are always SSL 1024 494 79DESIGN Ltd

Why our websites are always SSL

Have you ever seen a website asking you to submit information that is insecure – minus the https? If you have, steer clear….  This article is about SSL, secure sites, and why we always do SSL.  The importance of security.…

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smart thinking website
Porto and Owl Slider Tiled Fix 1024 524 79DESIGN Ltd

Porto and Owl Slider Tiled Fix

This article is about how we helped to fix a problem that is a standard setting in a Wordpress theme, using WooCommerce, Porto theme and the Owl Slider. One of our clients contacted us today about the way the Owl…

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wordpress centre
Why Choose WordPress to Power Your Website? 1024 642 79DESIGN Ltd

Why Choose WordPress to Power Your Website?

There are so many ways that your organisation would benefit from using a WordPress Website Designer for your website’s CMS platform.  To run your online business, to promote it, to sell its products and services. Scale it up WordPress just…

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website design structure
What makes a good website structure? 1024 529 79DESIGN Ltd

What makes a good website structure?

When we design websites, particular with a shop or blog, we have to consider the structure of the website. But what does “structure” actually mean, in these terms anyway? A “structure” to most is a layout.  It can also be…

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google recaptcha wordpress security
Google Securing your Website 820 449 79DESIGN Ltd

Google Securing your Website

Have you ever heard of Google Recaptcha?  Probably not, and why would you? Doubtless you have seen it though. Have you been to a website contact form where you have to check a box to say “I am not a…

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