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A Busy Web Designing Week 1024 562 Editor

A Busy Web Designing Week

bg web designing

It has been an extremely busy week for us.  A whole myriad of things had to be done.  But busy is good!

Video Production and Social Media

Working on Video Production and Editing for a local delivery company, getting it edited and them adding intros and ‘outros'(?), then placing it within their social media and on their own YouTube channel.  That had a few challenges of it’s own, but the results are great.

WordPress Quotation System

We also looked at a new Quotation system whereby you can book online to have your deliveries collected at a certain place, at a certain time, and see immediately what it will cost it.  It’s is a bit of a game changer for this relatively small company.  They are growing rapidly, and work with some well known house hold names – so a tool like this for those and other clients will prove invaluable.  It’s a tool within WordPress, but we have worked with the developer of the tool to make it work perfectly.

Gaming Website Overhaul

As well as many background tasks we perform we also started a website for a local company that hires out games systems.  Believe it or not, they are in Lincolnshire, but also Dorset and London.  Rather spread out.  An exciting website to build, as they hire out all sorts of fun stuff, including those F1 simulators.  One of which was used by Lewis Hamilton no less (with a video to prove it).

Gardening … well more than that!

Some of our clients work with some very well known people too.  One of which is a landscaper and has some a very impressive CV.  More on this as it happens, but David, if you are reading this, we are very excited and hope to create a strong relationship with you.  The photos of homes he has worked on are just outstanding; as well as certain well known “garden attractions”….

Server upgrade

We also had a major hosting server upgrade thanks to our hosting partners.  It was a move that was expected toward the end of the year, but we are pleased that it was pulled forward.  It did cause a couple of hitches here and there, but we are pleased with the final result.  It also means better SSL for our clients, and an improve back-end system.  Just better in so many ways.  Sincere thanks to our hosting partners, particularly Pete.

We don’t stand still here.  Things are always moving forward.  Starting on a new ‘Action Figures’ project next week as well.  Our work os so varied, it’s untrue, but this is why we love it.

Local ECommerce Website

We also met some fine people in Spalding this week who need an ecommerce website – as theirs is “admittedly to them” not the finest in today’s marketplace.  Had a fab meeting with them, and a delicate situation that turned out to break the ice in a brilliant way.

Supermarket brand

Finally we also did some background work on the website overhaul we are producing for a major herb and puree tube brand in supermarkets.  A really good strong relationship there with some great people.  It’s a few months in the making, but man are we excited!

What a week.  So if any of this is the sort of thing you need, from Ecommerce to WordPress, or just to contact us about a meeting, we are right here ready.

Roll on September…. 

godaddy website builder
The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder 900 500 Editor

The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder

godaddy website builderYou want a website, you’ve seen the TV ads, and your instinct is Web Builder, cheap, very little per month, and you can do it yourself.  You can create a little account, get started.  Add images and text and away you go.  Pretty soon you will be on Google as that’s what you are told will happen.

Build a website with GoDaddy – yes sounds great.  It kind of is….. unless you are SERIOUS about getting on Google.  Seriously about climbing the ranks, and serious about it being done properly.

Website Builder – knowing the tag options

You see, when you build a website with GoDaddy, the issue is that you don’t know what the dropdown options mean.  For example, you might see H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, Paragraph and so on.  But what do they mean, and how do they play a part in your appearance on Google – after all, is that not the point?  To be found!

So you select H1 and the text is nice a big.  Perfect.  Let’s add another.  Further down, yes add another as the size of that text is great.  But you are unaware of what they might actually mean – what is a H1 – just a font size?  No.

This is where a professional website designer pays off

We know what those entries mean, how they affect your Google ranking.  After many years in the business you get to know these things.  But if you are just starting out and using a ‘Website Builder’, sorry to sound a bit off, you frankly you won’t know.  There is no reason for you to know.

submitting website to Google

Won’t it be submitted to Google anyway by GoDaddy?

Nope.  It won’t.  The only way to do that is manually adding it to an account with Google, otherwise, it will take a lot longer for Google to even know you exist!  This is not a Sales Pitch, it’s the truth about getting online with a website.

Part of our service is submitting you formally to Google.  There are a few areas we do this, and it’s part of our core service to you.

“But it’s cheap, isn’t that better for my business?”

Yes.  Cheap is good.  But we heard a saying many moons ago: “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”.  If you buy a cheap shirt, a really cheap shirt, and use it a lot, it will look tiresome quickly.  It might not wash too well.  Before you know it, it’s looking worse for wear and you might consider a new one.

But had to bought a better quality one, maybe for a higher cost, it could last you years.  Same with a website.  If you go super cheap for your website design and hosting, it probably won’t go to Google.  You have to *know and understand* all the SEO techniques needed to make your site rank well.  Your service level with your host might not be up to par.  If you want to email them a question, will it take a few hours, or several days to get a reply?

godaddy logo

This is not just about GoDaddy

We are not slating GoDaddy or other Website Builder websites.  They do have their place.  But we are saying if you want a really good service level, fast response from support, a website that is sent to Google, and correctly coded from the start, then doing it yourself is a bad idea.  Get an expert in.  ‘Hire a firm’ as some might say.  Do it properly.

Get the best support, the best HTTPS hosting, mobile friendly website, that is been done correctly, LOCALLY, here in Lincolnshire (unless of course you are reading this elsewhere, like USA where a lot of our traffic has been coming from lately), and do it right.

We are here to help.  Here to host.  Here to design and build.

Let’s do it together.  Call 01775 894479.  Let’s go….

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Skegness is right up our street 900 619 Editor

Skegness is right up our street

Being based in Lincolnshire means we cover a very big area for website design and social media.  One of these areas is Skegness.  We are listed on for Website Design, SEO and for Social Media.

It’s about family with websites

One of the reasons we operate in Skegness is because we have family just outside the town, in the small village of Wainfleet.  We are regularly in Skegness, and we many local websites that could do with quite a makeover.  If your Website Design needs a big of ‘spit n polish’ and a glamorous update, we are the company for you.

One of our prides is in our support service.  If you emailed us right now, you would be guaranteed a reply this afternoon (Tuesday 24th).  We feel that if you want help, you won’t want to be waiting around.  We are the same!  In fact only last night we contacted our website hosting partners, and within 20 minutes we got a reply.  You don’t get that with names, Godaddy or the others out there.

This is why our service is absolutely ‘top notch’.  We are serious about websites.  We are serious about SEO. And yes, we are serious about social media.

Seaside town of Skegness – web design

We love the town.  We want to bring more and more of our services to this lovely community that has thrived over the years.  Got the best ice cream in town?  The best coffee house?  Some lovely furniture on the high street, or even down the alley where the Coffee Bean is.  Let’s get you online, so your website looks genius and draws in more business in Skegness.

Skegness mobile websitesGive us a call on 01775 894479.  Email  Livehat instantly.

OR come and find us on Facebook.  Link is further down this page.

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Internet Sales are changing habits 1000 800 Editor

Internet Sales are changing habits

Have you noticed in the press recently there is talk about the fluctuation in Internet Sales?  More and more people are buying online, researching their products online, and using ecommerce to get the best deals.

We all still like a wander through the shops, taking a day out to go to a big shopping centre.  It’s nice to pick something up and try it out. Sometimes we might even buy it.  But often we look online to see if it is cheaper.  This is when having a great website is key.  Really really KEY!

So what makes a great Internet Sales ECommerce website eh?  Well there are a high number of factors involved.

secure hosting internet sales

Secure Hosting SSL HTTPS

It sounds pretty obviously, but an ecommerce website should be hosted securely, mostly because of the monetary transactions.  Nowadays, ALL websites should be HTTPS website hosted, but alas many still are not.

Easy to Navigation Websites

If your website has poor navigation, who will want to search and look for your products?  They will get bored, frustrated and leave.  All our websites are highly customer-focused.  Many receive over 60,000 hits of traffic a day, because they are so massively popular.

responsive internet sales

Mobile Friendly Internet Sales

Again, this sounds obvious but if your website is not designed to work great on a phone, will your customers be happy to browser it on their phone?  Some have the “it’ll do” attitude, but we don’t.  A responsive website is absolutely paramount nowadays, and we are highly established at creating websites for mobile devices, so they look brilliant there at first glance.  Not as an afterthought!

PayPal internet sales

Product Sales Gateways

We deal with a few different payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe.  Both are easy to setup, both are secure, and both can be integrated into your website with ease.  We don’t even need to see your PayPal or Stripe account to do it.  Just a few account details and it’s “connected”.

So the Internet Sales market can be easily yours if you need to be there in that marketplace.

If you want to discuss this, please click our livechat in the lower right corner of the screen, or give us a call on 01775 894479, or even our dedicated mobile line, 07521 488074.

We look forward to hearing from you.

lincolnshire whatsapp contact
Did you know we are on Whatsapp? 800 361 Editor

Did you know we are on Whatsapp?

lincolnshire whatsapp contact

We want to be really super easy to contact – whether you choose to call, Livechat, email or Text.  But many like to use Whatsapp.

So we can be contacted through that too.  If you add us as a contact on your phone: 07521 488074, you will see us listed on Whatsapp as 79DESIGN.

Just pop on there and ping us a message.  Whether you want to say hi, and that you are local and are looking at website plans, or social media plans, don’t hesitate – just do it!

whatsapp spalding

Whatsapp us for a Fast Reply

Our Whatsapp is available at any time of the day or evening.  We usually reply really fast too.  Faster than most companies do in fact.

We get questions like “can we meet one evening to talk websites”, “can you sort us out with social media?”, “how much is a website?”.

No question is silly.  If you have a burning one, without wanting a sales pitch, then pop over to Whatsapp and write to us.

lincs whatsapp

blog writing lincolnshire
I just want a website 1000 750 Editor

I just want a website

Most companies and many individuals want a website, and when there is so much selection, the statement we hear is “I just want a website“.

You have come to the right place!  So just tell us a little about what you want your website to do, or to show.
Ok let’s make a start……….

Welcome to the best web agency around – Websites R Us

Obviously you want a homepage with some photos, information about what you do, a menu for your customers to navigate, perhaps links to your social media and your logo.

Next, you want a page, or pages about your key services.  Maybe these could all go on one page to save costs, or perhaps there is so much details there, that a page per service would be better.  From a point of view of Google traffic, a page per service is the better option.

Then you want a contact page.  Somewhere to have a form with a few areas to enter their name, email and so on.  Simple.

If you want your website to grow, a brilliant way is via a Blog (like you are on now).  We can help with this.  It’s a great way to add keywords to your website, and helps to get notoriety from Google too.

Finally, it needs to be hosted.  We can arrange all that for you right here on our UK servers, and provide you with the very best support available too.

secure ssl website hosting lincolnshire

It does sound pretty simple – and it is!  It can take anywhere from a few days to a month or so to build your website (depending on it’s size), but you can be assured of the best service at all times.  Fast response to your emails, and really supportive too.

Often sounds too good to be true, but we really are like that.  Human, not robots.  Easy to ring up, with none of those silly call centres.  We are here in Lincolnshire, we are a highly experience web agency, and our quality of work is the best.

lincolnshire websites r us

So if you just want a website, something easy and simple, give us a call on 01775894479: Websites R Us!  We can probably visit you within a day or two, go through your plans, and make a start within a few days of that.  Really nice and simple friendly service, but with the best websites around.

Call 01775894479


Livechat – link bottom right of this screen.

http to https conversion
Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website? 724 412 Editor

Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website?

In the past year, we have done more and more secure HTTPS websites – this is because Google decided that ‘secure is better’, even if it is not a Commerce Shopping website.  So what if you need to be converting http to https?

ecommerce website hosting

We now always do new sites in this way.  Converting an existing site to HTTPS is relatively straight forward, though depending on your site’s setup, it can take a little time.

converting http to https

But why is HTTPS so important – especially now?  Take a look at this article from Search Engine Land.  It explains that Google Chrome will now states in the browser address bar if the site is “not secure”.  It kind of looks ‘bad’ to the customer.  On some devices it shows up red as well.

As we have said here, there was a time when only e-Commerce websites needed to be secure, mostly because of the transactions involved and because you may have an account with that website.

What about non-commerce websites?

But not so with others, ie.  we don’t need accounts for you to browse our website, but ours is HTTPS and has been for some time.
It doesn’t make it slow.  Google will rank you better for it, and it gives the customer a greater feeling of security when they see the ‘lock’ symbol.

How would we convert your website from http to https?

This depends on your host – if we can convert it https with no change in host, and upgrade your internal pages, then we can do that for you.  However we often find moving the hosting to us, using our HTTPS system and upgrading your site, means we can provide a great level of support, after converting from http to https.

All our Website Hosting packages include HTTPS, no matter what the size of website.

We have various website hosting package solutions, as it depends on the scale of your website, and many include website support, updates, SEO and even Social Media.  We don’t just host.

If you are unsure, or need to get a little advice, we are here to help.  Give us a call on 01775894479, or just click the livechat and ask away.

woocommerce shop owner
How big is too big? 1024 576 Editor

How big is too big?

No laughing… this is about page size of your website.  “How big is too big… for my page?“… yes.  Think of it this way, if you wanted someone to email you some information about their company, would you expect a document of maybe 500kb, 2mb, maybe 5mb for a big brochure – or would you want an enormous 20-35mb document that won’t even send through their email system?

It’s a long question, but it’s the result of websites we are finding quite often now.  People just don’t think about it, and why would they?  With Fibre and Broadband speeds the way they are, you have a website built (or build it yourself) and you see that it downloads.  You don’t consider how long it takes to download, nor what search engines *consider* when scanning your website.

Why is a big website page size bad?

Google (and others of course) consider that a website page is paramount to customer experience.  There is more to it than that, but that is the basic understanding.  If you are on a 3G connection and you are downloading a 30mb page, it will take a long time.  Think about your customer – do you want them to be waiting and waiting for your page to load.  Images to load up one by one… 20, 30 or so images, all loading up.  It’s not a good time to have.

website page sizeWhat is a good size website page?

Great question we feel, and the answer is…. low.  We have had ecommerce pages with banners and promos that are under 3.5mb.  But also pages around 4.5mb.  This we feel is acceptable.  We have website pages on our site that are under 2mb, and they rank extremely well, but the problem is, what if your page is a GALLERY.

The bulk of the site of a Gallery page is in the images, but a good website will show “thumbnail” images, and then the full size when you click on them.  Otherwise, if each images is 300-3mb, and you have 10 – 20 images, then your page size will be sky high.

This is all stuff to think about when creating a page… but then there is one final BIG QUESTION…

website page sizeHow do I test the size of my page?

Really easy.  Visit  Enter your website address, and Analyze.  It will take a minutes to maybe more, and at the end you will see a report. In big numbers at the top will be the page size.  What’s yours?

logo gt metrix

We understand and agree that if you have a business you need to be on the web.  If you are in Lincolnshire, contact us to get your business on the web.  We are here to get your website created online, with the most precise SEO and technical expertise to keep your business working perfect for your customers on their phones and PCs.


budget cheap websites
What do you get in Cheap Websites 1024 576 Editor

What do you get in Cheap Websites

Many folks just want a cheap website – something simple, such as a one page website.  It’s something we can do in a matter of hours.  Once we have your logo, content and desired email address, we can point your domain to our systems and get you up and running in a morning.

When it comes to being optimised for Google, a one page website is going to be tough to rank well.  But if cost is your own objective, and you want to just have one page put up online with your details, photo, and some other small piece of info, we can do this from just £190 (based on our pricing on our Budget Websites page.

A Cheap Website is literally built quickly and cheaply.  It doesn’t including any Google My Business account, but we DO submit it to Google as part of the package.  We also include one email account.

What can Cheap Websites include?

  • Full screen image (or small image)
  • Your existing logo supplied to us
  • Links to your social media
  • Contact form

When we do such a website, we offer additional features that you might like to add, but this will of course bump up the original price.

These are features such as creating you a logo – this takes an hour or so, and is based on information you give (colour scheme, logo icon style and so on).

google my business

Google My Business

We can also create you a Google My Business account, so when someone finds you on Google, there can be a right hand pane that has your address and other details.

We can create further email accounts for you, as well as social media accounts.

If your website needs to be a few more pages, then the costs will rise, as each page is independent.  One page might be really simple, while another may take an hour or two for us to create.  So when you think of a website you are after, think of what content you need, if you want to rank well on Google, or just a place to direct your customers.

Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality!

At 7DESIGN, every website we build is made to the highest standard.  We do not take shortcuts.  While others might throw a website together and hand it over, we check it looks perfect on all devices.  So cheap does not mean bad.  We are here to make it distinctive perfect.

Just give us a call on 01775894479, email us via our support page, or even better, use the Live Chat.

responsive website support
What makes a good website, a fabulous website? 910 700 Editor

What makes a good website, a fabulous website?

We like to think we know a think or two about building websites; with over 15 years of experience in the field of Website Design, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  However, we see websites popping up here and there, and it’s clear that some companies are ok, or good at website design.  But we excel in this field, hence we feel our websites are fabulous!

Fabulous websites: quite a statement!

Well yes, it is.  Here’s why.  Let’s say a website has been created by one of these website builder companies.  At first glance it looks ok, perhaps quite clever.  Maybe images are big and fill the screen, but does it take a long time to load.

We were asked to look at such a website recently, and while the homepage was only around 2mb, which is fine, it timed out on certainly only check systems.  Over 60 seconds to load.  This is down to code, and the hosting platform.

responsive fabulous websiteWhen ‘responsive’ is not ‘responsive-clever’ at all

An area many design agencies miss, is how something looks on a phone.  Yes it might be responsive, but is it designed to be responsive.  There is a substantial difference!


  • Logo overlays the text on the page
  • Text is all crunched up and unreadable
  • Every page looks the same before you scroll down

All this is poor design – it’s lack lustre!
It’s a pet hate of ours to find websites like this.  They probably charged less to do it, hence… shortcuts!

We check everything.  We look at the website on desktop, tablet and mobile to ensure the layout is great.  If not, it’s fixed FAST.

We are different

When we build a website for you, we put the design together, check the mobile format, and then begin building the pages.
It’s at this stage we can see if the mobile view is good or bad.  Often we do websites were the top area (logo, menu..) overlaps a large image; if this image has a graphic within it, bringing down the size of the page shows very quickly how poor it has been done.

So we check everything as we go.  Do NOT just assume the page looks great on a phone… “because it is responsive”.
If it has been done badly, it will look bad.  Thus, cheap.  We are a quality website design company here in Lincolnshire.  We are proud of each and every website we build, and work with each client after the build, to ensure it stays great.

lincolnshire fabulous website

Check your website – is it fabulous?

Look at your website on your phone, or just open it on your desktop browser and reduce the width of the screen – how does it look?  Does it go OFF the screen (it’s not responsive), or does text overlay and underlay other things?

If so, it’s been done poor.  Time to ring the professionals to have it done correctly. 01775894479.

Or just start a chat with it, and tell is the issues.  We are here to listen, support, and develop a fabulous website for you.

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