• 18th June 2024

More Global Outreach

More Global Outreach

More Global Outreach 600 434 79DESIGN Ltd

We are very lucky to have clients who are not just UK based, but elsewhere too.

Some have bases in South Africa and Nambia, others are locations in Germany.  Right now we are working for a client who has bases pretty much right across Europe – and beyond; we are working on their French business’s website.

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It’s all part of an overall redesign plan for their group.  Each site uses the same design template we built for their UK arm, tho not all sites are WordPress, so it can’t just be migrated, and reskinned.  For this website we’ve had to build it from the ground up, but still with the same branding, their own logo of course, fonts and colouring.  Plus varied pages.

Way back when 79DESIGN began we were purely local.  Tho we did have a lot of work in the Reading area too.  But now, we create, host and support websites across the UK, in France, Italy, Germany, South Africa and it’s growing.

We are super proud to be trusted with such amazing groups of people, who really are passionate about what they do.  Be it in Education, Construction, Manufacturing and more.

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With well over a decade of website design experience at 79DESIGN, and double that, including away from 79DESIGN, we have a weath of knowledge to bring your business to life.

That’s why we are humbled and proud when asked to do work for larger corporates, in other countries around the world.

Ignite your ideas for a new website

Get in touch with us today to start your project.  Ignite those creative ideas, and let us bring them to life.

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