The new Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe 1000 750 79DESIGN Ltd

The new Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe

Last month we were delighted to be contacted by Sarah and Ellie at Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe about their website. We have been to the gardens and ‘the hall’ many times over the years, and been into the cafe too, but they have completely renovated it into something much warmer and more inviting. After an initial…

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10 anniversary balloons
Ten Years of Websites 1000 776 79DESIGN Ltd

Ten Years of Websites

There are dates we all have in our diaries, from birthdays to upcoming events.  But some do pass you by.  One such date has almost passed us by – the date 79DESIGN was created.  The “inception” date.  Today is our 10th BIRTHDAY. We are 10 years old. We had been running a little bit before then,…

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Lottery Heritage Website Project 850 531 79DESIGN Ltd

Lottery Heritage Website Project

For quite a number of years we have looked after a website for a local Lincolnshire church.  It’s not a grand cathedral, but a small local church that has quite a history.  It was in fact one of our early websites. We have been given a lovely guided tour, including the tower and there is…

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cdn lincolnshire images cloud
Ever heard of a CDN? 855 425 79DESIGN Ltd

Ever heard of a CDN?

We forgive you all if you answered “no” to that question – why would you know what a CDN is?  But the fact is, they are pretty damn important when it comes to websites, SEO, and the speed of loading content. A CDN is an acronym: Content Delivery Network – it sort of is what…

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Customising WordPress 750 422 79DESIGN Ltd

Customising WordPress

Wordpress is a fabulous tool for creating websites in a much faster way that was previously possible.  This is why we adopted it years ago. However, there are times when you need a little Wordpress Customising as it’s not designing things quite the way you want it.  A Wordpress Agency in the UK, we have…

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website cost question
What’s the cost of a website? 1000 752 79DESIGN Ltd

What’s the cost of a website?

“How much is a little website?”.  We are asked this quite often. It’s not all that easy to answer.  Why? Here’s where we try to explain the reasons.  So bear with us, grab a tea or coffee… here we go. A simple website A simple 5 page website might just be for homepage, contact us,…

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spalding local midlands websites
We are in Spalding – Maybe Local to you? 800 600 79DESIGN Ltd

We are in Spalding – Maybe Local to you?

As you may know, we are based here in Spalding, in the South part of Lincolnshire – known as South Lincolnshire.  We cover pretty much the whole of the UK though.  We look after businesses websites from right here in Spalding, as far south as Berkshire for many commerce and non-commerce websites.  These include hobby…

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404 fast website setup
Fast Website Setup Needed 750 523 79DESIGN Ltd

Fast Website Setup Needed

There are times when you need a website setting up real quick; it can be for many reasons: current host no longer supports you issue with site that has crashed it hacked website needs taking over professionally SEO is so bad, it needs rapid help your whole site has a 404 error It’s a worry…

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