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What is Google My Business – GMB? 900 502 Editor

What is Google My Business – GMB?

google my business gmbMaybe you have a website, but do you have a Google My Business page?  Some businesses do, but they are not managed properly.  Amazingly, some don’t have one.

So what is Google My Business?

It’s a very useful tool to give customer very quick access to high level information about yourself, directly within the Google search results.  Details like:

  • Google Reviews
  • Website link
  • Map of your location
  • Photos of your business
  • Links to other services
  • Opening Times.

Customers often click directly on these, rather than in the search results itself.

Sometimes a company sets it up for you, but never makes full use of it – doesn’t add photos, or the opening hours, or other common issues.  So how to you gain access to it?

It’s not straight forward, but we have done this for many business.  A Gmail account is needed first, then with that account we (or you) can claim that business.  We have a managed service that can do this for you, and then we can manage your GMB page, adding photos, adding news stories (for mobile devices), and much more.

It’s a very smart thing to have.  It looks really good in your Google Search Results.

If you want to check yours, just Google your business name (not the website address), and if you come up, have a look on the right side of the screen.  If you rank ok, it will show your details.  See what comes up, and if it’s not what you want, not to your satisfaction, give is a call: 01775 894479, or use the livechat in the lower right corner of this screen.

It forms part of your website’s SEO, this is because it is your Search Results we are looking at, so if you need information on that, do get in touch with us.

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Skegness is right up our street 900 619 Editor

Skegness is right up our street

Being based in Lincolnshire means we cover a very big area for website design and social media.  One of these areas is Skegness.  We are listed on for Website Design, SEO and for Social Media.

It’s about family with websites

One of the reasons we operate in Skegness is because we have family just outside the town, in the small village of Wainfleet.  We are regularly in Skegness, and we many local websites that could do with quite a makeover.  If your Website Design needs a big of ‘spit n polish’ and a glamorous update, we are the company for you.

One of our prides is in our support service.  If you emailed us right now, you would be guaranteed a reply this afternoon (Tuesday 24th).  We feel that if you want help, you won’t want to be waiting around.  We are the same!  In fact only last night we contacted our website hosting partners, and within 20 minutes we got a reply.  You don’t get that with names, Godaddy or the others out there.

This is why our service is absolutely ‘top notch’.  We are serious about websites.  We are serious about SEO. And yes, we are serious about social media.

Seaside town of Skegness – web design

We love the town.  We want to bring more and more of our services to this lovely community that has thrived over the years.  Got the best ice cream in town?  The best coffee house?  Some lovely furniture on the high street, or even down the alley where the Coffee Bean is.  Let’s get you online, so your website looks genius and draws in more business in Skegness.

Skegness mobile websitesGive us a call on 01775 894479.  Email  Livehat instantly.

OR come and find us on Facebook.  Link is further down this page.

lincolnshire whatsapp contact
Did you know we are on Whatsapp? 800 361 Editor

Did you know we are on Whatsapp?

lincolnshire whatsapp contact

We want to be really super easy to contact – whether you choose to call, Livechat, email or Text.  But many like to use Whatsapp.

So we can be contacted through that too.  If you add us as a contact on your phone: 07521 488074, you will see us listed on Whatsapp as 79DESIGN.

Just pop on there and ping us a message.  Whether you want to say hi, and that you are local and are looking at website plans, or social media plans, don’t hesitate – just do it!

whatsapp spalding

Whatsapp us for a Fast Reply

Our Whatsapp is available at any time of the day or evening.  We usually reply really fast too.  Faster than most companies do in fact.

We get questions like “can we meet one evening to talk websites”, “can you sort us out with social media?”, “how much is a website?”.

No question is silly.  If you have a burning one, without wanting a sales pitch, then pop over to Whatsapp and write to us.

lincs whatsapp

budget cheap websites
What do you get in Cheap Websites 1024 576 Editor

What do you get in Cheap Websites

Many folks just want a cheap website – something simple, such as a one page website.  It’s something we can do in a matter of hours.  Once we have your logo, content and desired email address, we can point your domain to our systems and get you up and running in a morning.

When it comes to being optimised for Google, a one page website is going to be tough to rank well.  But if cost is your own objective, and you want to just have one page put up online with your details, photo, and some other small piece of info, we can do this from just £190 (based on our pricing on our Budget Websites page.

A Cheap Website is literally built quickly and cheaply.  It doesn’t including any Google My Business account, but we DO submit it to Google as part of the package.  We also include one email account.

What can Cheap Websites include?

  • Full screen image (or small image)
  • Your existing logo supplied to us
  • Links to your social media
  • Contact form

When we do such a website, we offer additional features that you might like to add, but this will of course bump up the original price.

These are features such as creating you a logo – this takes an hour or so, and is based on information you give (colour scheme, logo icon style and so on).

google my business

Google My Business

We can also create you a Google My Business account, so when someone finds you on Google, there can be a right hand pane that has your address and other details.

We can create further email accounts for you, as well as social media accounts.

If your website needs to be a few more pages, then the costs will rise, as each page is independent.  One page might be really simple, while another may take an hour or two for us to create.  So when you think of a website you are after, think of what content you need, if you want to rank well on Google, or just a place to direct your customers.

Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality!

At 7DESIGN, every website we build is made to the highest standard.  We do not take shortcuts.  While others might throw a website together and hand it over, we check it looks perfect on all devices.  So cheap does not mean bad.  We are here to make it distinctive perfect.

Just give us a call on 01775894479, email us via our support page, or even better, use the Live Chat.

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Social Media Taking the Lead Online 1024 829 Editor

Social Media Taking the Lead Online

Managing your social media online can be a bit of a drain.  If you only use Facebook, it is easy.  But to capture the attention of as many people and businesses as possible, you need to be on many more – there lies the drain!

We are here to make that side of your business a whole lot easier.  We can monitor your website and pick out special areas that we feel would be a good social media story, or you can tell us of something that has recently happened.

One of our clients does work with Bupa and Debenhams, and they asked us if those areas would be a good place to send us content about the project.  Oh yes!  Wow.  Let’s tell the world about what you are dong for Bupa.  How you are helping in the medical industry at that high-end level.

Taking the lead, telling the world via Social Media channels

We have the experience and tools to make this work so much easier – you want something out on Instagram, G+, Twitter and Facebook NOW?  Done.

Social Media channels taking the lead


Don’t let the world slip by and tell just Facebook or just Twitter.  Have it all managed beautifully, locally, by a company that really cares.  Connect it to your website so you can feed back to the site with your products and news.

Make the new exciting – draw in the clients

When we take the lead in Social Media here in Lincolnshire, it means we are here for you.  To manage it.  To step forward and work for you, on your terms.  We don’t have fixed packages, as each requirement is different.

Let’s hear what you have to say on your social media, and then create your package to meet your budget.

Come visit us on our Social Media page for more information, and let’s start changing your world.

home IT support Spalding Lincolnshire
New Home Computer Support Service launched 1024 421 Editor

New Home Computer Support Service launched

We are very pleased to offer a new Home Computer Support service to the local Spalding area.  This includes Bourne, Holbeach and Boston.

We understand that many are not sure how to use their computers and laptops, or tablets and phones.  We have vast experience with Windows machines, as well as Macbooks and iPhones.  We can sit down with you over a cup of tea and go through all you need to know.  We can also now show you Android device usage.

Home Computer Support based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, including Holbeach, Bourne and Boston

Because we are local, we can pop out to see you one evening, or spend an hour or two with you after lunch.  You show us what you are stuck on, or if you need a session on Microsoft Word for example, and we can show you all you need to know.

We don’t work at a fast pace – we work at your pace.  Step by step, learning IT, learning Windows, whether than is Windows 7, Windows 10 etc, or on a Macbook Air.  Our IT Support in Spalding area will prove invaluable to you.

Local Spalding Skype Support

We can teach you how to use Skype as well as many other things on your computer.

Learn many basic aspects of your Computer

Learn Windows, customizing your start menu colours, installing software…. and more.

How do you use Windows?

We can show you how. Experts with various versions of Windows, through to version 10.

Home Computer IT Support Training Sessions in Spalding area

Based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, informal training and teaching at your home, or on a laptop at your chosen place.  One session or regular sessions, you decide.

We have shown people how to use their Computers and Laptops at Wetherspoons in Spalding on their own laptop.  Though a quiet evening is best for that location.  We are really flexible on where to come out to see you, and when.

university lincoln wordpress training
University of Lincoln WordPress 950 500 Editor

University of Lincoln WordPress

Just occasionally, you find yourself in a position of providing a service to a company or organisation, and you feel particularly proud to be working for them – this happened recently for us at 79DESIGN.

A few months back we had a communication from the University of Lincoln; they were looking for a WordPress Trainer to head over to Lincoln to teach some staff how to use WordPress.  There were some staff who knew very little, and some who knew nothing about WordPress.

We communicated with their Secretariat, Marina, and very pleased and proud to say they recruited us to go up to Lincoln to provide the service.

Larger Onsite WordPress Training Groups

Initially it was due to be one on one with Marina who contacted us, followed by an afternoon with a larger group.  This was changed a little, so that we could provide the training to even more people in the first session, which was far better for their staff.

The first session of Onsite Training went very well.  Teaching all the basic elements of WordPress Training, from Posts to Pages, from Media to Settings.  Everything that comes with the basic setup.

After a very well catered lunch, it was the turn of eight other colleagues, without Marina present.  After introductions, we began from the very start.

It was a very enjoyable time.  To quote Marina, they found it very interesting and “inspiring”.  We find this comment extremely positive, and thank them for their hospitality, and warm welcome to the University of Lincoln.

onsite wordpress training

Image above not taken directly from event.

For more information on Onsite WordPress Training, please click here.

whatsapp spalding
Spalding Whatsapp your Web Designer 1024 475 Editor

Spalding Whatsapp your Web Designer

Did you know you can contact your local Spalding website designer using Whatsapp?  Oh yes!  Using the platform voted to be the mose safe and secure messaging platform out there, you can now Whatsapp us in Spalding, at anytime.

It’s really easy to do.  Just add our number, 07521 488074, and you will see that we are available on Whatsapp.  Then just message us for support, for WordPress Training, Website Design, and we are available at your service.

Spalding Whatsapp Website 79DESIGN

07521 488074

We know that not everyone is at their landline or wants to ring a main landline number for businesses, as it’s so easy to just pop in a question for help, advice or support over a messaging platform on their phone.  So we have this service available at weekdays, and occasionally on weekends too.

Building a great relationship with you via Whatsapp and face-to-face

Then we can work with you, over Whatsapp or face to face and create a great working relationship to make your website really pop!

New Towns of South Holland App 1024 451 Editor

New Towns of South Holland App

In the past month, South Holland Council has had an App developed for Android, iOS and others, to help the development of local businesses, and to help local residents find services – the Towns of South Holland App.

It’s free to download and free to update.  Just search in your App Store “Towns of South Holland”.

Towns of South Holland icon

Towns of South Holland icon see in App Store

We are pleased to say that following helpful support from Jayne, we are now included in this App, under Spalding > Services > Web Designers.  Our telephone number, information and link to our website are all included.  With excellent help from Jayne in the South Holland Council offices, we are extremely happy to be included in this project.  It’s great for the area, and for those looking for services like ours, we are really pleased.

When you first download the app, you open it and you see this screen for a brief moment.  It then opens to a menu where you can view by town, or A-Z.  It’s really smart.  There will be more developments on it in the future.

How Towns of South Holland looks

You can find more details on this app on the South Holland Council website:

This page has quotes from those involved as well.


south holland web design spalding
South Holland web design – truly local 1024 355 Editor

South Holland web design – truly local

So where in Lincolnshire is 79DESIGN?  We are in South Holland, commonly known as South Lincolnshire.

We began here in South Holland too, and we love this town, Spalding.  It’s a fine place to be.  Lots of local businesses, growing businesses, from retail shops to takeaways, hair and beauty establishments, to schools and learning establishments too.

A growing reputation in South Holland

We have a growing reputation for the quality of our work, speed of our support response, and friendly supportive attitude to all customers.  Sometimes we like to meet in the evening, away from work so we can freely chat, perhaps at the Ivy Wall, Wetherspoons in Spalding.

number one web designer in south holland

If you Google ‘Web Designer Spalding’, or even as we discovered recently, “design spalding”, 79DESIGN is ranked number one.  We feel extremely proud of that.  We have worked hard on this status.

South Holland is a lovely part of Lincolnshire.  It might be the flattest part of the country, but it’s very pretty, and with a growing community, more businesses and folk are looking to have brilliant new websites created, or to have their dull websites turned into some of which they can feel proud.

For more information about South Holland, and if you are not a local, click here for Wiki in South Holland.

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