Launching Just Ask 150 150 Editor

Launching Just Ask

Today we are launching Just Ask – a brand new way for us to interactively answer common and less common website questions to clients and interested parties too.

We receive Livechat, and can answer questions instantly there, but we would love to have answers given on our Instagram – so you post to us on our website, and we can post a video on Instagram, mentioning you, and following you, with the answer.  Let’s grow the Just Ask community.

A brand new interactive way to respond to you

It’s brand new, so let’s see what happens.  If we can help people with little issues.

Visit our Just Ask page, submit your question, with or without your Email (which will never be shared) and we will try to answer your question.

just askBurning questions for web, SEO and social media

Questions such as how quickly can we build your website, do we do logos, do we just use WordPress or other tools, can we help with your social media – if you have a burning question, or one that is a little “left field”, Just Ask us.

The plan is to post answers on Instagram.  An “almost” live video to give you a personal response.  We may begin to combine them and put them on YouTube as well.


google my business gab
What is Google My Business – GMB? 900 502 Editor

What is Google My Business – GMB?

google my business gmbMaybe you have a website, but do you have a Google My Business page?  Some businesses do, but they are not managed properly.  Amazingly, some don’t have one.

So what is Google My Business?

It’s a very useful tool to give customer very quick access to high level information about yourself, directly within the Google search results.  Details like:

  • Google Reviews
  • Website link
  • Map of your location
  • Photos of your business
  • Links to other services
  • Opening Times.

Customers often click directly on these, rather than in the search results itself.

Sometimes a company sets it up for you, but never makes full use of it – doesn’t add photos, or the opening hours, or other common issues.  So how to you gain access to it?

It’s not straight forward, but we have done this for many business.  A Gmail account is needed first, then with that account we (or you) can claim that business.  We have a managed service that can do this for you, and then we can manage your GMB page, adding photos, adding news stories (for mobile devices), and much more.

It’s a very smart thing to have.  It looks really good in your Google Search Results.

If you want to check yours, just Google your business name (not the website address), and if you come up, have a look on the right side of the screen.  If you rank ok, it will show your details.  See what comes up, and if it’s not what you want, not to your satisfaction, give is a call: 01775 894479, or use the livechat in the lower right corner of this screen.

It forms part of your website’s SEO, this is because it is your Search Results we are looking at, so if you need information on that, do get in touch with us.

google my business support

website audit news
Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits 800 536 Editor

Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits

Do you know how well your website is performing for you?

The pace at which website design and technology moves on now is staggering.   Many websites fall behind in their SEO, and in its general appearance.

We are here to audit your website

We offer a free website audit service, that we like to call a Website Healthcheck.  This is where we check over the health of your website.  This isn’t just down to speed, or if it looks ok on a phone.  It’s much more than that.  You’d be surprised at the things that can make a website unhealthy.

Our service is great because after we run the Audit, and send you the document, we like to have a chat and see how you feel about it.  If you would like us to resolve issues, we are happy to offer that service to you, but we don’t pressure sell.  We have never done that.  We dislike it ourselves, so it’s not within our remit at all.

website audit news

The Audit

Does your homepage have text?  Is it coded correctly.  Does it have vital SEO codes on it – some of you won’t have the first clue what we are talking about here, some might have an idea.  But this is why you “call in the experts”.

Most websites have images on them.  Are they optimised – what does that even mean?

Well, does your website resize them so on a big screen they are produced big, and on a mobile phone’s smaller screen, does it produce a smaller image.

Note – this is “how it appears” on screen, but literally the actual image – is it a big image.  Unless you know what you are looking for, how can you tell if the image optimization is correct.  Again, call in the experts.  We can look in the code to see if this is happening.  Trust us when we say – image optimization and resizing is very important!

For example, you have a page with a nice big wide photo of your office.  It might be around 1800 pixels wide or there abouts.  But on an iPhone, you might only need an image that is around 500pixels wide.  Your’s might be sending out a 1800pix wide image to that phone.  That’s wrong!  It should not need to do that.

This is usually down to the theme you are using.  It can mean a theme update, but sometimes it means you need a revamp – a new theme.  Uh oh.  Yep.   But after it’s done, this will make it much more Google friendly.

This is what makes it a really Responsive Website.

What else do we check for?  A myriad of items.

SEO Headers and titles

It’s seems rather obvious, but all pages need a title.  Well we come across a lot of websites that don’t have titles on the homepage or internal pages.  Why is it important?  Google needs to know where it is going, on what page it has landed.  If there is no title, there is no clue; or less clues.

This is also where a theme can play a part, as we have found some WordPress themes that assign the wrong codes to the wrong sections within a website.

So we have to try and fix that, and find where your titles are.  Quick example for those that know a bit of HTML: H1, H2, H3, H4.  Maybe you know their purpose is about font size, maybe you know the SEO meanings.

But we have seen websites that have a H1 and a H3, no H2.  Bad!  H2 is H3’s parent.
I know we are getting a bit techy here, but you are hopefully getting our point.

Worry-free Website Audit

A Website Healthcheck looks at all these things, and so much more.  The GREAT thing is that you don’t need to worry about it.  Just visit our Website Healthcheck page, enter a few non-personal details, and we will look into it for you.  Easy.

Pop along to the page, enter your details and let’s get started!

If you prefer to call us and ask us to do this, by all means: 01775 894479.

Lincolnshire logo designer
how important is a great logo design? 1024 584 Editor

how important is a great logo design?

Lincolnshire logo designerWhen you visit a website one of the first things you notice is their logo.

Sometimes you look and think… “what is that?”, sometimes they need to be figured out.  We are more keen on logos that are instantly clear to the customer.  Whether it just uses the right style of font, or the right icon image, has a something distinctively different about it that catches the eye.  It’s very important.

When we look at a logo idea, we take the customer’s colour preferences, the style they want to portray, if they want text only or with an icon.  Everyone has their own ideas.

Logo designer and Website come hand in hand

Along with a logo comes a website too.  So it all has to tie in nicely

Designed many logos and collaborated on many

Over the years we have designed many logos, some from scratch and someone on which we have collaborated or had to reproduce.

Some we designed are for lingerie companies, delivery and courier companies and even a local church.  We also collaborated in a logo for an airsoft manufacturer brand that now sells all over the UK.  We have only recently reproduced a hi-res logo for a supermarket dip and puree brand, as the one on their website was very small, and we needed a bigger version.  This particular website will be launched in a coming months.

Sometimes we use online tools to develop logos and then customise them to be perfect for the client.   At other times we develop logos that are text only, and make them that little bit more special with selective use of fine colours, spacing and other elements to make them unique.

If you have such a requirement, to please get in touch via our Logo Designer page on this website.  Or call 01775 894479.

logo design 79design

bg web designing
A Busy Web Designing Week 1024 562 Editor

A Busy Web Designing Week

bg web designing

It has been an extremely busy week for us.  A whole myriad of things had to be done.  But busy is good!

Video Production and Social Media

Working on Video Production and Editing for a local delivery company, getting it edited and them adding intros and ‘outros'(?), then placing it within their social media and on their own YouTube channel.  That had a few challenges of it’s own, but the results are great.

WordPress Quotation System

We also looked at a new Quotation system whereby you can book online to have your deliveries collected at a certain place, at a certain time, and see immediately what it will cost it.  It’s is a bit of a game changer for this relatively small company.  They are growing rapidly, and work with some well known house hold names – so a tool like this for those and other clients will prove invaluable.  It’s a tool within WordPress, but we have worked with the developer of the tool to make it work perfectly.

Gaming Website Overhaul

As well as many background tasks we perform we also started a website for a local company that hires out games systems.  Believe it or not, they are in Lincolnshire, but also Dorset and London.  Rather spread out.  An exciting website to build, as they hire out all sorts of fun stuff, including those F1 simulators.  One of which was used by Lewis Hamilton no less (with a video to prove it).

Gardening … well more than that!

Some of our clients work with some very well known people too.  One of which is a landscaper and has some a very impressive CV.  More on this as it happens, but David, if you are reading this, we are very excited and hope to create a strong relationship with you.  The photos of homes he has worked on are just outstanding; as well as certain well known “garden attractions”….

Server upgrade

We also had a major hosting server upgrade thanks to our hosting partners.  It was a move that was expected toward the end of the year, but we are pleased that it was pulled forward.  It did cause a couple of hitches here and there, but we are pleased with the final result.  It also means better SSL for our clients, and an improve back-end system.  Just better in so many ways.  Sincere thanks to our hosting partners, particularly Pete.

We don’t stand still here.  Things are always moving forward.  Starting on a new ‘Action Figures’ project next week as well.  Our work os so varied, it’s untrue, but this is why we love it.

Local ECommerce Website

We also met some fine people in Spalding this week who need an ecommerce website – as theirs is “admittedly to them” not the finest in today’s marketplace.  Had a fab meeting with them, and a delicate situation that turned out to break the ice in a brilliant way.

Supermarket brand

Finally we also did some background work on the website overhaul we are producing for a major herb and puree tube brand in supermarkets.  A really good strong relationship there with some great people.  It’s a few months in the making, but man are we excited!

What a week.  So if any of this is the sort of thing you need, from Ecommerce to WordPress, or just to contact us about a meeting, we are right here ready.

Roll on September…. 

godaddy website builder
The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder 900 500 Editor

The Difference between us and GoDaddy – the website builder

godaddy website builderYou want a website, you’ve seen the TV ads, and your instinct is Web Builder, cheap, very little per month, and you can do it yourself.  You can create a little account, get started.  Add images and text and away you go.  Pretty soon you will be on Google as that’s what you are told will happen.

Build a website with GoDaddy – yes sounds great.  It kind of is….. unless you are SERIOUS about getting on Google.  Seriously about climbing the ranks, and serious about it being done properly.

Website Builder – knowing the tag options

You see, when you build a website with GoDaddy, the issue is that you don’t know what the dropdown options mean.  For example, you might see H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, Paragraph and so on.  But what do they mean, and how do they play a part in your appearance on Google – after all, is that not the point?  To be found!

So you select H1 and the text is nice a big.  Perfect.  Let’s add another.  Further down, yes add another as the size of that text is great.  But you are unaware of what they might actually mean – what is a H1 – just a font size?  No.

This is where a professional website designer pays off

We know what those entries mean, how they affect your Google ranking.  After many years in the business you get to know these things.  But if you are just starting out and using a ‘Website Builder’, sorry to sound a bit off, you frankly you won’t know.  There is no reason for you to know.

submitting website to Google

Won’t it be submitted to Google anyway by GoDaddy?

Nope.  It won’t.  The only way to do that is manually adding it to an account with Google, otherwise, it will take a lot longer for Google to even know you exist!  This is not a Sales Pitch, it’s the truth about getting online with a website.

Part of our service is submitting you formally to Google.  There are a few areas we do this, and it’s part of our core service to you.

“But it’s cheap, isn’t that better for my business?”

Yes.  Cheap is good.  But we heard a saying many moons ago: “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”.  If you buy a cheap shirt, a really cheap shirt, and use it a lot, it will look tiresome quickly.  It might not wash too well.  Before you know it, it’s looking worse for wear and you might consider a new one.

But had to bought a better quality one, maybe for a higher cost, it could last you years.  Same with a website.  If you go super cheap for your website design and hosting, it probably won’t go to Google.  You have to *know and understand* all the SEO techniques needed to make your site rank well.  Your service level with your host might not be up to par.  If you want to email them a question, will it take a few hours, or several days to get a reply?

godaddy logo

This is not just about GoDaddy

We are not slating GoDaddy or other Website Builder websites.  They do have their place.  But we are saying if you want a really good service level, fast response from support, a website that is sent to Google, and correctly coded from the start, then doing it yourself is a bad idea.  Get an expert in.  ‘Hire a firm’ as some might say.  Do it properly.

Get the best support, the best HTTPS hosting, mobile friendly website, that is been done correctly, LOCALLY, here in Lincolnshire (unless of course you are reading this elsewhere, like USA where a lot of our traffic has been coming from lately), and do it right.

We are here to help.  Here to host.  Here to design and build.

Let’s do it together.  Call 01775 894479.  Let’s go….

79design logo

Skegness is right up our street 900 619 Editor

Skegness is right up our street

Being based in Lincolnshire means we cover a very big area for website design and social media.  One of these areas is Skegness.  We are listed on for Website Design, SEO and for Social Media.

It’s about family with websites

One of the reasons we operate in Skegness is because we have family just outside the town, in the small village of Wainfleet.  We are regularly in Skegness, and we many local websites that could do with quite a makeover.  If your Website Design needs a big of ‘spit n polish’ and a glamorous update, we are the company for you.

One of our prides is in our support service.  If you emailed us right now, you would be guaranteed a reply this afternoon (Tuesday 24th).  We feel that if you want help, you won’t want to be waiting around.  We are the same!  In fact only last night we contacted our website hosting partners, and within 20 minutes we got a reply.  You don’t get that with names, Godaddy or the others out there.

This is why our service is absolutely ‘top notch’.  We are serious about websites.  We are serious about SEO. And yes, we are serious about social media.

Seaside town of Skegness – web design

We love the town.  We want to bring more and more of our services to this lovely community that has thrived over the years.  Got the best ice cream in town?  The best coffee house?  Some lovely furniture on the high street, or even down the alley where the Coffee Bean is.  Let’s get you online, so your website looks genius and draws in more business in Skegness.

Skegness mobile websitesGive us a call on 01775 894479.  Email  Livehat instantly.

OR come and find us on Facebook.  Link is further down this page.

lincolnshire whatsapp contact
Did you know we are on Whatsapp? 800 361 Editor

Did you know we are on Whatsapp?

lincolnshire whatsapp contact

We want to be really super easy to contact – whether you choose to call, Livechat, email or Text.  But many like to use Whatsapp.

So we can be contacted through that too.  If you add us as a contact on your phone: 07521 488074, you will see us listed on Whatsapp as 79DESIGN.

Just pop on there and ping us a message.  Whether you want to say hi, and that you are local and are looking at website plans, or social media plans, don’t hesitate – just do it!

whatsapp spalding

Whatsapp us for a Fast Reply

Our Whatsapp is available at any time of the day or evening.  We usually reply really fast too.  Faster than most companies do in fact.

We get questions like “can we meet one evening to talk websites”, “can you sort us out with social media?”, “how much is a website?”.

No question is silly.  If you have a burning one, without wanting a sales pitch, then pop over to Whatsapp and write to us.

lincs whatsapp

lincs google ranking
What is your Google Ranking like? 600 337 Editor

What is your Google Ranking like?

You are likely to be reading this page either because your website ranks badly within Google Ranking, or because that term has attracted you to see how you can improve or make your website more solid.

Or maybe we are wrong and it’s none of those.  Well, let’s go down the route of your website is not performing so well, and you want your Google Ranking position to be higher.  If this is the case, you have come to the right website – the right company in fact!

At 79DESIGN we specialise in Local Search Ranking Results: meaning if you are in a local area and you want to rank better for that area, we can help you.  Put it this way – if we can be number one on Google (usually we might add!) for “Lincolnshire Web“, then we can do it for your business terms.  It just takes time.

google ranking seo services

Our first task would be to see how your website is setup.  It may have a load of fundamental problems which are causing it to rank really badly.  These can be resolved usually within your existing website setup.  However there are times when it cannot.

For example, there might be programming code within your pages that we cannot strip out, thus causing a fix to be impossible within your existing site’s setup.

Plan B: rebuild your website to something up to date, with exceedingly better coding.

We have done this on many an occasion, and even worked with some larger SEO corporations to work on client’s websites, taking instruction and raising their level to number one on Google.

google ranking

So if your website is not going so well, and business is through word of mouth – not through Google traffic – look no further than 79DESIGN for your SEO Service.  Equally if your website is currently built with WordPress, then we can help directly with WordPress SEO as well.  Just give us a call, email or, or use the livechat in the lower right corner.  We don’t do “sales pitches”.  We listen to your issues, look at your website, and make suggestions on how we can work with you to make your business better.

Call 01775894479


Contact us with your issues – let’s help you TODAY!

blog writing lincolnshire
I just want a website 1000 750 Editor

I just want a website

Most companies and many individuals want a website, and when there is so much selection, the statement we hear is “I just want a website“.

You have come to the right place!  So just tell us a little about what you want your website to do, or to show.
Ok let’s make a start……….

Welcome to the best web agency around – Websites R Us

Obviously you want a homepage with some photos, information about what you do, a menu for your customers to navigate, perhaps links to your social media and your logo.

Next, you want a page, or pages about your key services.  Maybe these could all go on one page to save costs, or perhaps there is so much details there, that a page per service would be better.  From a point of view of Google traffic, a page per service is the better option.

Then you want a contact page.  Somewhere to have a form with a few areas to enter their name, email and so on.  Simple.

If you want your website to grow, a brilliant way is via a Blog (like you are on now).  We can help with this.  It’s a great way to add keywords to your website, and helps to get notoriety from Google too.

Finally, it needs to be hosted.  We can arrange all that for you right here on our UK servers, and provide you with the very best support available too.

secure ssl website hosting lincolnshire

It does sound pretty simple – and it is!  It can take anywhere from a few days to a month or so to build your website (depending on it’s size), but you can be assured of the best service at all times.  Fast response to your emails, and really supportive too.

Often sounds too good to be true, but we really are like that.  Human, not robots.  Easy to ring up, with none of those silly call centres.  We are here in Lincolnshire, we are a highly experience web agency, and our quality of work is the best.

lincolnshire websites r us

So if you just want a website, something easy and simple, give us a call on 01775894479: Websites R Us!  We can probably visit you within a day or two, go through your plans, and make a start within a few days of that.  Really nice and simple friendly service, but with the best websites around.

Call 01775894479


Livechat – link bottom right of this screen.

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