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WordPress Training to learn at your own pace, to really understand how your website works. To learn the basics, and much more.  In this climate, we can do this via phone, Skype, Zoom, MS Meeting… your choice for Remote WordPress Training.

UK WordPress design training courses

Training that's tailored perfectly for you

Our WordPress Training forms part of our UK WordPress Agency service.  Each business has a different WordPress training requirements for their website.  Most issues are broadly similar: how to add images and videos, adding them to pages and posts, using the blog, working with social media, and laying out pages effectively.  We can teach all of this to you personally, or in small groups, about the amazing platform that is WordPress.

Remote WordPress Training

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wordpress training by phone

Wordpress Training by Phone

In today’s climate, we need the means to get WordPress Design Training by telephone, rather than face to face, so we provide WordPress Training by Phone.  Costs are lower too.  Get in touch; costs are lower for Charities.

Book in 30 min, 1 hour or 2 hour segments.  You decide!

What is 'On-site WordPress Training'?

Onsite Training is pretty much what is says – many Training providers where you visit a town, and learn some of what you want to know, but….we come to you.

To find out much more on this, visit our Onsite WordPress Training page.

Learn the basics of WordPress, like Menus

Through our WordPress Training Courses, you will learn the main parts you need to understand and you use this platform, from posts and pages, to creating Menus, Sub Menus and locations of Menus.

How to install the best plugins

These are the ‘add ons’ that help WordPress perform even better – but knowing where to find them, buy Premium versions, and install them takes a little more knowledge.

What are Widgets?

Our UK WordPress Training courses can show you how they are positioned, what plugins can use Widgets, and how your theme might be able to lay them out in a special way.


There are so many WordPress themes, but which is best for your needs, and where do you get them?

Wordpress Trainer UK

uk wordpress training

Any WordPress Training Questions?

“Simon from 79DESIGN visited our school to discuss aspects of WordPress to help with our website. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. We were able to understand some basic aspects of the process and Simon has offered to do a diagnosis of the website to help make it easier for us to add and remove data. I would have liked a day of working from the ground up but was aware of the limitations due to hosting and our time away from work. However I would definitely recommend getting in contact with this company as they are very knowledgeable in website design and creation and have a helpful and friendly attitude.” Pat, Lincoln Castle Academy, Lincoln.

“We all found the WordPress training very interesting and feel inspired by Simon.”, Maria, University of Lincoln.

Some WordPress Training Course Specifics

Creating WordPress Posts

How you create good Post content and articles, editing content, and managing the whole Posts side of your websites.

Installing WordPress Theme

It’s what makes your website look the way it does – we show you where to get themes, how to install, then configuring it.

Using the WordPress Media Library

The WordPress Media Library stores all your images and file attachments.  We show you how to use it, and take great advantage of it.

WordPress Pages Training

There are Posts and there are Pages. We show you the differences, and how to handle them in the most productive ways.

WordPress SEO

One the optimum aspects of your website, over design, is to be found on Google and other search engines.  We have huge SEO experience; this is translated into our WP training, to show you the best methods in SEO for your website.

WordPress Blogging

WordPress was written originally for Blogging, so why not use it to it’s most beneficial – we help you understand how best to write blogs, setting up a blog on your site, and getting it all running smoothly.

Contact forms

You want your readers and customers to contact you, and one way is via a contact form, but there are many ways to do that.  We teach you some easy and some advanced ways of doing this.

Ecommerce Training

You want to learn how to create a Shop with the best CMS on the market.  Using WooCommerce, which is a free plugin, we show you how to setup a shop on your WordPress website.