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Our WP Bakery Support will put you in charge of your website. We also offer dedicated support for WP Bakery run websites, where you need help with layouts and much more.

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WP Bakery Support

The WP Bakery page builder system for WordPress is a very clever tool for creating websites. It allows you or a designer to quickly create rows, columns, add context and media, as well as fancy styling.

But what about when you have problems. The WP Bakery own support service is a premium service if you have their plugin paid for. But many themes come with it free, and the Theme Devs are not always so quick to respond. That’s where 79DESIGN can step in.

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“What they can do with a keyboard is genius.  No idea how they did it.”
Lee, Education, London

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WP Bakery is a page builder supplied with many premium paid-for WordPress themes.  As part of our WordPress Support, we can give you advice and support with WP Bakery.  There are many Page Builder plugins out there.  We have worked with a few.  For example, Elementor, though if you want to Duplicate a row, or Delete a row, there is no simple intuitive icon.  You search all over for it.

Reason: there is no icon.  You have to right click (or double button click on a Mac) to bring up a menu to access that.  Whereas on WP Bakery, it’s right there.  See?  So simple.  And we can support you using it.

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How much is WP Bakery Support?

The cost kind of depends on how much help is needed.  We can offer free advice over the phone, but if we need to directly interact with your website, and show you how to do something you describe, this would be chargeable.  The cost however cannot be guess until we know what’s required.

Just get in touch with us and let us know the issues.  That bit is always free!

“79DESIGN was the first to respond and was very helpful, approachable and very knowledgeable.”
Becky, Bourne, Confectionary Manufacturer

Specific kinds of queries

Columns and Widths

Settings the row widths of columns, and ‘hiding’ on mobile

Correct Element usage

With so many elements, we help you choose the right one for the job

Optimising it for Devices

Correct SEO optimisation for your columns and elements

Myriad of other CSS fixes

Countless issues out there – try us…

“Website is perfect, thank you.”
Simon C, Private Education, Wembley