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SEO Services means everything in the right place!

Getting to the top takes hard work, commitment, and the right tools – SEO is key to getting your website seen – we understand that your website needs to climb the ranks of Google. Our Lincolnshire SEO Services provide the tools to look at how your site is working now, and make an honest report on how we can help you.

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Google Ranking

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultancy

Our Lincolnshire SEO Services offers full campaigns, but we also provide expert SEO consultancy – which tends to be popular with companies that have a website already, but need someone to step and fix the SEO issues causing ranking problems.

Technical SEO

Through an extensive technical SEO audit, we will work with you to ensure that your site is search engine friendly. We will review your site on regular basis, to enable us to ensure that your site remains effective on all devices, and ranking highly for local searches.

Content Marketing

We will work with you to craft a bespoke content marketing strategy that ensures your content is fresh, creative and engaging but most importantly effective.  This includes banner content, textual updates, and effective internal on-page work.

eCommerce SEO

We specialise in devising SEO strategies and implementing campaigns that achieve success in the increasingly competitive ecommerce market.  This includes category promotions, on-page internal links, product page SEO and product image formatting.

Local SEO

With more and more users searching for local businesses, we deliver local SEO campaigns that ensures your business will be found by users searching within your local area.  Using internal keywords relevant to your location, we can help push your website forward.

Listening & Learning

By listening to what you do, and what your goals are, we can learn better the areas of of your website that need pushing forward.  Then we can plan each month to work on your website to make it’s SEO work effectively; Lincolnshire SEO services – for your business.

How do I improve my SEO?

If your website is not performing well on Google, we can almost certainly help with our Lincolnshire SEO Services.  There is a range of things we can do to check your website’s performance.  Most often a website is created and looks good, but the creator was not SEO proficient.  This is where we step in.

If your website needs an Audit to see how it is doing, we have the answer.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

For the last few years search engine optimisation, (SEO), has been one of the most important branches of online marketing. The basic principle is quite simple: if you optimise your website’s content for internet users you will be rewarded with a good position in the list of search results. Whereas the aim of using SEO is to reach a good position in the organic search results, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) aims to reach a good position in the inorganic search results through fee-based ad placements. Both areas are disciplines of Search Engine Marketing (SEM); the generic term SEM refers to all online marketing efforts relating to the search engine.

Organic and inorganic search results

Google’s search results are comprised of organic and inorganic results. SEA is responsible for the inorganic (i.e. paid) results. By using Google AdWords, every website owner can opt for paid ads and secure themselves one of the top positions in the search results. These ‘sponsored links’ will be identified as such and will be easy to differentiate from the organic results. To get a higher ranking in the organic, natural search results you need a good SEO analysis and then to carry out an optimisation based on the results.

What does SEO aim to achieve?

The main aim is to get your site, whether it is an online shop, blog or a different portal, to rank as near to the top as possible in Google’s organic search results. Website owners aim to optimise their site for relevant search terms (keywords) depending on the site’s content.


The aim is to create content that is unique, topic-relevant, and of high quality. Duplicate content or even plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. When distributing keywords, make sure to use synonyms and always write for the reader’s benefit, not for Google’s crawler.


Just optimising content is not enough; the structure also has to look appealing. Using titles, subtitles, paragraphs, and lists can increase readability for the customer as well as for Google.

Multimedia Content

Texts, images, videos, and graphics also belong to the content of a website. In order for Google to be able to read these elements, file names, titles, and alt text of images and videos should also contain keywords.

Meta Data

Metadata, or meta tags, provide information that can be read by browsers and search engines. The most important attributes for on page optimisation are title and description.

Link Structure

Internal links do not just benefit the reader, they also benefit Google by helping it navigate a website. When optimising a website’s internal link structure it is recommended to keep the length of the click path as short as possible.


An additional method involves optimising the source code. This can be achieved by using search engine friendly programming. Long loading times or errors in the code do not sit well with Google.

Quality Website Hosting

If your website hosting service is poor, it can have a dramatic effect on your ranking position. If the server is slow to respond to requests, if the software used on your hosting account is ‘old’, it takes longer to create and load up the pages to the reader’s screen. We use the latest software, and our server is fast.

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