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Our monthly tailored WordPress Maintenance packages will keep it running smoothly, by a trusted company.


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Speed Caching

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Maintenance for your WordPress Websites for any business

We are here to update your website, keep it maintained, and inform you of various requirements to keep it healthy and safe. No system is perfect – but we are here to support and maintain things.

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“I can tell you there is 1 fundamental reason why i like working with you. You are on it. You make me feel like i can ask any question and teach me. I have come across so many developers that take your money and run”


Anna, Marketing Manager, Klubb Group, UK
European market leader in aerial platforms

Stress-free WordPress Maintenance

“We are very happy to have found this company who now maintain our website.”
Emma, Simply SIPS, Bourne, Lincolnshire


Get yourself a package that is designed for your website.  The package can include running changes and tweaks when needed, plus updating your plugins and systems, as well as our Web Developers service.  With full maintenance, you can worry less about your website, and deal more directly with your business.

Leaving your WordPress Maintenance to 79DESIGN – the WordPress Experts.

WordPress Maintenance


Supportive WordPress Maintenance
with Bespoke Packages

Our affordable WordPress Maintenance services and fast responsive support allows you to get on with your business.  You know we’ve got your WordPress website covered.  We will login to your website on a monthly basis, and run through regular WordPress Maintenance checks to ensure it is up to date.  Some features may require additional plugins, such as premium ones that have expired; we can look into all this for you.

A Tailored Solution

With a tailored package, you only get what you really need, rather than a ‘fix monthly set of tasks’.  For example, you might want your Blog updated once a month – or, you might not have a blog.  So it’s a tailored maintenance project for your business.

Some plugins require payment if they are chargeable, but again we can look into this for you, taking the time and stress away.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are the tools of your site’s functionality, so it’s vital to keep them up to date.

Uptime Monitoring

Our tools monitor the status of your website, 24/7, to ensure you are live.

WordPress Backups

Quickly restore a corrupted WordPress website with a securely stored clean version.

WP Security

Both Server and Onsite Security, keeping your website site safe and clean.

WordPress Maintenance questions

Your website is different.  You are unique.  Whatever your requirement for a WordPress website our affordable WordPress maintenance services as a bespoke package, just for you. We offer great value for money as well as unrivalled customer service and super responsive UK support.  Our job is to keep your WordPress website in the best condition, ensuring it continuously delivers what your customers need from you, leaving you free to work on making your business a success.

Each monthly package is tailored, so there is no set monthly fee.  Two companies can have very different packages.  We can host your site, provide regular backups through the day, Plugin and WordPress updates. This would cost more per month than if we just performed some one off fixes.  Get in touch with us about your needs, we will give you the best possible package.

There will be occasions when a plugin you have on your website was paid for someone you don’t contact any longer.  If it is out of date and the support has expired for it, then there may be an additional cost; unless it can be ‘swallowed up’ in your package fee with us.  We certainly hope so.

WordPress and plugins installed on your website are regularly updated to ensure it runs smooth and your website remains secure. This can include an array of services, including but not limited to:

WordPress Hosting
Plugin Updates
Wordpress updates
Installation of new Plugins
Hosting server updates.

Yep! Some websites need more attention than others. Because of this we offer monthly retainer packages in sets of 3, 5 or 7 hours.  Or several days per month, if your website really needs it.  We ‘tailor’ the package to you and your budget.

WP Maintenance.

Better Support.
Regular Updates

We understand that every website is different and that, in some cases, you’ll need a WordPress maintenance solution that’s more tailored to the needs of your business.

Tailored Pricing

You are all different. Bespoke package costs.

Rapid Service

We will respond quickly and with courtesy every time.

UK Based

There is always someone who speaks your language

WP Focused

We are laser-focused on WordPress

WP services

Other WordPress Maintenance Services

 If you need your content updating, some SEO work doing, or some bespoke coding to magic the magic happen.
We have a range of services to help you.

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