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A Busy Web Designing Week 1024 562 Editor

A Busy Web Designing Week

bg web designing

It has been an extremely busy week for us.  A whole myriad of things had to be done.  But busy is good!

Video Production and Social Media

Working on Video Production and Editing for a local delivery company, getting it edited and them adding intros and ‘outros'(?), then placing it within their social media and on their own YouTube channel.  That had a few challenges of it’s own, but the results are great.

WordPress Quotation System

We also looked at a new Quotation system whereby you can book online to have your deliveries collected at a certain place, at a certain time, and see immediately what it will cost it.  It’s is a bit of a game changer for this relatively small company.  They are growing rapidly, and work with some well known house hold names – so a tool like this for those and other clients will prove invaluable.  It’s a tool within WordPress, but we have worked with the developer of the tool to make it work perfectly.

Gaming Website Overhaul

As well as many background tasks we perform we also started a website for a local company that hires out games systems.  Believe it or not, they are in Lincolnshire, but also Dorset and London.  Rather spread out.  An exciting website to build, as they hire out all sorts of fun stuff, including those F1 simulators.  One of which was used by Lewis Hamilton no less (with a video to prove it).

Gardening … well more than that!

Some of our clients work with some very well known people too.  One of which is a landscaper and has some a very impressive CV.  More on this as it happens, but David, if you are reading this, we are very excited and hope to create a strong relationship with you.  The photos of homes he has worked on are just outstanding; as well as certain well known “garden attractions”….

Server upgrade

We also had a major hosting server upgrade thanks to our hosting partners.  It was a move that was expected toward the end of the year, but we are pleased that it was pulled forward.  It did cause a couple of hitches here and there, but we are pleased with the final result.  It also means better SSL for our clients, and an improve back-end system.  Just better in so many ways.  Sincere thanks to our hosting partners, particularly Pete.

We don’t stand still here.  Things are always moving forward.  Starting on a new ‘Action Figures’ project next week as well.  Our work os so varied, it’s untrue, but this is why we love it.

Local ECommerce Website

We also met some fine people in Spalding this week who need an ecommerce website – as theirs is “admittedly to them” not the finest in today’s marketplace.  Had a fab meeting with them, and a delicate situation that turned out to break the ice in a brilliant way.

Supermarket brand

Finally we also did some background work on the website overhaul we are producing for a major herb and puree tube brand in supermarkets.  A really good strong relationship there with some great people.  It’s a few months in the making, but man are we excited!

What a week.  So if any of this is the sort of thing you need, from Ecommerce to WordPress, or just to contact us about a meeting, we are right here ready.

Roll on September…. 

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Gmail Email versus Business Email 850 602 Editor

Gmail Email versus Business Email

We have seen in the press recently about permissions issues within Google’s Gmail service.  This is the free email service Google has provided for quite a number of years.

Many of our clients use Gmail as part of their business, though they also use the business email we provide them with, such as

Gmail is used by over 1 billion users, but recently there have been reports that external Application systems are able to access users’ emails if within the Gmail system.  It’s quite frightening.  We don’t use it for any business email; only for business Analytics purposes.  But if you do, it might be worth reconsidering your email solution.

lincolnshire gmail logo

Take a look at the page on the BBC News website about Gmail Messages.  We tend not to publishing links to many news websites are we are not also certainly of their authenticity, but when it comes to the BBC, we can be pretty sure it’s correct.

If you want to have your emails on a Business Email account, get in touch with us.  It’s very easy to setup; we have some customers who use our service solely for business emails, and not for websites.

Why do people use Gmail service?

This is a good question, and it’s fairly easy to answer.  Gmail is a free service.  Much like Hotmail of its day – it’s free.  It can be access from just about any mobile smartphone device, and of course through a browser.  There doesn’t appear to be much of a storage limit, and fairly good spam settings.

You can also share documents through it, which seems to be popular.

So why don’t we use it?  Simple answer is, we prefer ‘business email accounts’, not a email account.  We feel business email account like looks more professional.  For small local companies like plumbers, plubs, painters and the like, gmail works ok. But we find that for corporates, and even the aforementioned businesses as well, a formal email account just LOOKS BETTER.

If you see on the side of someone’s van, but their email is, does it say professional, or does it say “cut corners” in their service?  This is entirely down to your own perception.

For a company that has used gmail for a long time, it is extremely difficult to step away from it, and only a business email platform.

But given this news that your Gmail account maybe being looked at and/or used for advertising or other such App abilities, it does make one think again about the email service chose for one’s business.

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Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website? 724 412 Editor

Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website?

In the past year, we have done more and more secure HTTPS websites – this is because Google decided that ‘secure is better’, even if it is not a Commerce Shopping website.  So what if you need to be converting http to https?

ecommerce website hosting

We now always do new sites in this way.  Converting an existing site to HTTPS is relatively straight forward, though depending on your site’s setup, it can take a little time.

converting http to https

But why is HTTPS so important – especially now?  Take a look at this article from Search Engine Land.  It explains that Google Chrome will now states in the browser address bar if the site is “not secure”.  It kind of looks ‘bad’ to the customer.  On some devices it shows up red as well.

As we have said here, there was a time when only e-Commerce websites needed to be secure, mostly because of the transactions involved and because you may have an account with that website.

What about non-commerce websites?

But not so with others, ie.  we don’t need accounts for you to browse our website, but ours is HTTPS and has been for some time.
It doesn’t make it slow.  Google will rank you better for it, and it gives the customer a greater feeling of security when they see the ‘lock’ symbol.

How would we convert your website from http to https?

This depends on your host – if we can convert it https with no change in host, and upgrade your internal pages, then we can do that for you.  However we often find moving the hosting to us, using our HTTPS system and upgrading your site, means we can provide a great level of support, after converting from http to https.

All our Website Hosting packages include HTTPS, no matter what the size of website.

We have various website hosting package solutions, as it depends on the scale of your website, and many include website support, updates, SEO and even Social Media.  We don’t just host.

If you are unsure, or need to get a little advice, we are here to help.  Give us a call on 01775894479, or just click the livechat and ask away.

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We host websites securely 1024 670 Editor

We host websites securely

“Will you host my website as well as build it for me?”…. YES.

We do get asked this quite a lot, but we appreciate the question as, how else would you find it?  When we create websites for customers, we tend to prefer hosting them as well, this is for many reasons that we shall go into in a moment.  We host websites only in SSL format, so you see the “https” in the browser address bar, as well as the lock.  This is for a few reasons.

  1. Google prefers securely hosted websites, so you rank better
  2. It gives your customers a more secure feeling, so more confidence in you
  3. It’s the modern way!

Our clients like to know they can come to us for all their website requirements, so when we host, we do so on our UK based platform, which uses the latest tech, and we have access to it from our office but also access from a mobile device should access be needed at odd times.

Relax, it's hosted by 79DESIGN UK

Relax, it’s hosted by 79DESIGN UK

Our hosting includes WordPress installation as well.  For more information on WordPress, click here (opens in new window).

Choosing a hosting company might seem like a one-off thing you do.  But we find that our clients keep in touch with us about their websites, so knowing we keep the systems up to date through our partners, can upgrade areas such an Email capacity, means they feel confidence in our service.

If you would like further information on our Website Hosting service, click here and let’s begin hosting yours.

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Brand new Ebay Image Hosting service available 1024 341 Editor

Brand new Ebay Image Hosting service available

At 79DESIGN we like to develop new tools for clients… and we have created a cracker for you!  There are many image hosting tools online; some are ok, some are very clunky and offer very little support.  Most with little to no support are free.  Ours is brand new, custom designed, and with amazing support.  Our new system is the Ebay Store Image Hosting platform.

No Domain needed – fully hosted service

Some services require you to have your own domain.  We can do this with your existing site if we host it, but if you have NO domain, you can use our new service and we provide you with the code to add the image to your websites or Ebay Store service.  We don’t touch any other domain.  You simple use our service to upload your photos from your PC or Phone, and use the embedding code to add the images to your Ebay Store.

Ebay Store Image hosting with the finest support

All our images are hosted SSL Securely; considering Ebay is secure, having images that are hosted securely, ensures a better experience.

ebay store image hosting ukSo we developed this in-house system that means you can create an account, setup a simple payment scheme with us, and upload all the photos you need.  We offer some support for this too, but should you need a lot of extra support, for example with Ebay itself, this requires a more premium support service.

Basic image hosting service, with support

The basic service is simple though.  You are given the URL of your uploaded image.  The ‘<img’> code the ebay and other sites require, is all there on the page for you.  If you get stuck, our Livechat is right there on screen to help you whenever you need it.

It’s really very good and very smart.  We will also be adding a new ‘Wishlist’ feature, whereby you can tell us what things you wish the application could do, and we will work hard to make it happen for you.

We are already looking at ways to ‘sort’ the images.

Please visit our Ebay store Image Hosting page today for details, and the means to create your new account.

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Not just any website hosting company 1024 492 Editor

Not just any website hosting company

When it comes to finding the right website host for your business, it’s down to a few main factors:

  • Speed of hosting
  • Support performance
  • Up to date Server Systems
  • Uptime

So let’s break this down into how we perform on these factors.

Speed of website hosting

Our servers use the latest hardware to provide the fastest output to your customers’ browsers.  For the techy folks among you, we use PHP 7.0 and 7.1.  Many sites we have seen recently, still use PHP 5.4 or 5.6.

The response times of our servers are extremely fast.

ssl secure website hostingSupport performance

We are here when you need us.  We use Livechat for instant support, our phone lines are available throughout the day, and our email support is 24/7.

Up to date Server systems

We use the latest hardware for our hosting.  This means the areas mentioned above, Speed of Hosting, are kept at a priority.  Databases are the latest, meaning your website pages load up fast, and using SSL certification, secure too.


Our hosts servers have an update of 99.98%.  If a server goes down, they know about it before we do.  It’s rebooted fast and the site it never noticeably down.  We are extremely proud of the performance of our hosting.

Our websites are hosted using the best there is.  The systems are in the UK, and we are proud to say all support staff we use are actually in Manchester.

lincolnshire website hostingSo if you are looking for a Lincolnshire Website Hosting company, or you are not in Lincolnshire and you just need a new host, what better place to call on than 79DESIGN.  Click here for details on our website hosting.

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Fast Web Hosting transfer performed 1024 492 Editor

Fast Web Hosting transfer performed

Today we had some pretty difficult issues with a website that is hosted by a USA company. Their service is just not up to the par that we expect.  We were due to move it in 2018, but it was decided at 2pm today, that we would just move it across.  But there were TWO websites to move.  So we got our foot in gear, and began the work.

It was a high priority job, and one of the websites was over 5gb in size (very large!).  But with a lot of effort, and some technical knowledge to get around some tricky issues, some that the existing host refused to help with, we transfer it all over in record time.

fast website hosting transfersVery fast web hosting transfers

Sometimes a very fast response is needed from us.  We are usually quick anyway.  But this required something extraordinary, and we are pleased that we were able to perform this in such a swift manner.

From Saturday or Monday, our client’s two websites will be on a far more stable service here in the UK.  The server operators behind it are the best around, and we won’t have the issues we have faced in the past.

For one website we could use a tool to transfer it over within the space of an hour.

With the second site, we had to do it much more manually which took up most of the time.

Fast Website Hosting Service

The service now is far superior.  It’s fast.  We have amazing control from the control system to make changes.  The previous hosts’s setup left a lot to be desired!  But now we can ring our providers and speak to UK folks for help.

I’m am so pleased we were able to do this, and think the outcome will mean their website performs in a far more efficient way.

We have also regularly transferred non-https sites to our secure service.  We are often contacted about ranking, and a big issue is the type of hosting.  We recently moved and to our secure SSL Hosting services.  Our service levels have proved highly popular, and as such they enjoy a far better level of support and secure hosting.

If you have a website that has poor performance through the service provider, or a very slow speed and you need a company who can make it work far superior, give us a call: 01775894479.  Or email  We don’t just deal with the huge websites.  We deal with much smaller ones too.

We are here to help.  We always respond every day of the week.

79design logo

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SSL Websites are important for your hosting 1024 492 Editor

SSL Websites are important for your hosting

We all know how important security is nowadays with more and more online attacks happening; this is why all our websites now come with SSL secure hosting.

Whether you have a standard website just to show what you are and what you do – or if you have an e-commerce website where shopping carts and payment details are being added, or a part commerce website – shop, but online ‘enquiry within’ style pages – SSL is vital.

lincolnshire ssl securityThis website is on HTTPS SSL –, to ensure any data sent to us via online forms, is done so through SSL security, keeping you safe online.

If you want a website hosting, and you feel SSL is pretty important, just give us a call.  We can sometimes move a site to our servers, depending on it’s setup.  Don’t hesitate, get in touch!

When you visit a website, if you are sending data by email or on a form, if it is not SSL, then the data you are sending is insecure.  If it IS SSL https in the url, then the data is encrypted.  Google prefers encryption, as it feels that is safer online.

We have expert systems in place in ensure your certificate is always up to do, meaning SSL is always live and updated.  If you are unsure if you really need it, and want to ask, visit our contact page and we will help the best we can.  Trust in 79DESIGN to always serve you as a priority.

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