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What is WordPress?

Wordpress is a gorgeous Content Management System we use for the majority of our websites.  There was a time when we had to write all code manually – that’s a lot of typing.   But we did it, even for ecommerce websites.

We are rather adept to website programming code (called HTML), but most recently WordPress has become one of the ‘go to’ systems for websites.  You can visit the WordPress website here.  There is a support forum for WordPress which is where you can get help and information on how to use the system, and fix problems.

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Of the World's websites

Yep, over 33% of the World’s website, are built with WordPress.


Google's Search Results

Shows this many website pages out there using WordPress


Wordpress plugins available

Wordpress Plugins can be free, or paid-for, and there are thousands of them.


The Top 1000 websites

Wordpress is behind 30.3% of the top 1000 websites – that’s good going!