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What is Google My Business – GMB? 900 502 Editor

What is Google My Business – GMB?

google my business gmbMaybe you have a website, but do you have a Google My Business page?  Some businesses do, but they are not managed properly.  Amazingly, some don’t have one.

So what is Google My Business?

It’s a very useful tool to give customer very quick access to high level information about yourself, directly within the Google search results.  Details like:

  • Google Reviews
  • Website link
  • Map of your location
  • Photos of your business
  • Links to other services
  • Opening Times.

Customers often click directly on these, rather than in the search results itself.

Sometimes a company sets it up for you, but never makes full use of it – doesn’t add photos, or the opening hours, or other common issues.  So how to you gain access to it?

It’s not straight forward, but we have done this for many business.  A Gmail account is needed first, then with that account we (or you) can claim that business.  We have a managed service that can do this for you, and then we can manage your GMB page, adding photos, adding news stories (for mobile devices), and much more.

It’s a very smart thing to have.  It looks really good in your Google Search Results.

If you want to check yours, just Google your business name (not the website address), and if you come up, have a look on the right side of the screen.  If you rank ok, it will show your details.  See what comes up, and if it’s not what you want, not to your satisfaction, give is a call: 01775 894479, or use the livechat in the lower right corner of this screen.

It forms part of your website’s SEO, this is because it is your Search Results we are looking at, so if you need information on that, do get in touch with us.

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Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits 800 536 Editor

Breaking the mould in Free Website Audits

Do you know how well your website is performing for you?

The pace at which website design and technology moves on now is staggering.   Many websites fall behind in their SEO, and in its general appearance.

We are here to audit your website

We offer a free website audit service, that we like to call a Website Healthcheck.  This is where we check over the health of your website.  This isn’t just down to speed, or if it looks ok on a phone.  It’s much more than that.  You’d be surprised at the things that can make a website unhealthy.

Our service is great because after we run the Audit, and send you the document, we like to have a chat and see how you feel about it.  If you would like us to resolve issues, we are happy to offer that service to you, but we don’t pressure sell.  We have never done that.  We dislike it ourselves, so it’s not within our remit at all.

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The Audit

Does your homepage have text?  Is it coded correctly.  Does it have vital SEO codes on it – some of you won’t have the first clue what we are talking about here, some might have an idea.  But this is why you “call in the experts”.

Most websites have images on them.  Are they optimised – what does that even mean?

Well, does your website resize them so on a big screen they are produced big, and on a mobile phone’s smaller screen, does it produce a smaller image.

Note – this is “how it appears” on screen, but literally the actual image – is it a big image.  Unless you know what you are looking for, how can you tell if the image optimization is correct.  Again, call in the experts.  We can look in the code to see if this is happening.  Trust us when we say – image optimization and resizing is very important!

For example, you have a page with a nice big wide photo of your office.  It might be around 1800 pixels wide or there abouts.  But on an iPhone, you might only need an image that is around 500pixels wide.  Your’s might be sending out a 1800pix wide image to that phone.  That’s wrong!  It should not need to do that.

This is usually down to the theme you are using.  It can mean a theme update, but sometimes it means you need a revamp – a new theme.  Uh oh.  Yep.   But after it’s done, this will make it much more Google friendly.

This is what makes it a really Responsive Website.

What else do we check for?  A myriad of items.

SEO Headers and titles

It’s seems rather obvious, but all pages need a title.  Well we come across a lot of websites that don’t have titles on the homepage or internal pages.  Why is it important?  Google needs to know where it is going, on what page it has landed.  If there is no title, there is no clue; or less clues.

This is also where a theme can play a part, as we have found some WordPress themes that assign the wrong codes to the wrong sections within a website.

So we have to try and fix that, and find where your titles are.  Quick example for those that know a bit of HTML: H1, H2, H3, H4.  Maybe you know their purpose is about font size, maybe you know the SEO meanings.

But we have seen websites that have a H1 and a H3, no H2.  Bad!  H2 is H3’s parent.
I know we are getting a bit techy here, but you are hopefully getting our point.

Worry-free Website Audit

A Website Healthcheck looks at all these things, and so much more.  The GREAT thing is that you don’t need to worry about it.  Just visit our Website Healthcheck page, enter a few non-personal details, and we will look into it for you.  Easy.

Pop along to the page, enter your details and let’s get started!

If you prefer to call us and ask us to do this, by all means: 01775 894479.

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What is your Google Ranking like? 600 337 Editor

What is your Google Ranking like?

You are likely to be reading this page either because your website ranks badly within Google Ranking, or because that term has attracted you to see how you can improve or make your website more solid.

Or maybe we are wrong and it’s none of those.  Well, let’s go down the route of your website is not performing so well, and you want your Google Ranking position to be higher.  If this is the case, you have come to the right website – the right company in fact!

At 79DESIGN we specialise in Local Search Ranking Results: meaning if you are in a local area and you want to rank better for that area, we can help you.  Put it this way – if we can be number one on Google (usually we might add!) for “Lincolnshire Web“, then we can do it for your business terms.  It just takes time.

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Our first task would be to see how your website is setup.  It may have a load of fundamental problems which are causing it to rank really badly.  These can be resolved usually within your existing website setup.  However there are times when it cannot.

For example, there might be programming code within your pages that we cannot strip out, thus causing a fix to be impossible within your existing site’s setup.

Plan B: rebuild your website to something up to date, with exceedingly better coding.

We have done this on many an occasion, and even worked with some larger SEO corporations to work on client’s websites, taking instruction and raising their level to number one on Google.

google ranking

So if your website is not going so well, and business is through word of mouth – not through Google traffic – look no further than 79DESIGN for your SEO Service.  Equally if your website is currently built with WordPress, then we can help directly with WordPress SEO as well.  Just give us a call, email or, or use the livechat in the lower right corner.  We don’t do “sales pitches”.  We listen to your issues, look at your website, and make suggestions on how we can work with you to make your business better.

Call 01775894479


Contact us with your issues – let’s help you TODAY!

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What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO? 800 392 Editor

What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO?

SEO, is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimisation.  When we build websites, SEO is high on our priorities, as much as the overall design.

We often get asked to run a website healthcheck, and all too often we find someone has built it with a system, such as WordPress (not a negative!), but the theme they used has placed SEO codes in the wrong place.  Or the company that has added Sub titles has used the wrong code.

seo services

During these Website Audits, we also find that images are added with vital code missing.  It’s becoming increasingly common.  Only today we were told to look at a website that has this exact issue, and it was only built a year or so ago.

When this occurs on websites build 4-5 years ago, or more, we accept it, as back then the rules on SEO were a little different; though it is still laziness.

google rankingBut now, when every little thing can cause Google to slap you on the wrist for poor SEO, it’s vital to be spot on.

Here’s a little tip for free:  go to your homepage, look at the source code (right click, view Source), and search for:


Do you find a load of them, or none?  If you find lots of these, it means your developer has added NO Alt Tag codes to your images, or just a few.  This is very poor SEO.  If it has happened to you, call us on 01775894479, or just click ‘Website Audit’ at the top right of this page.  We can look into it for you.

Not all websites have perfect SEO – we care

We know that not every website is perfect.  But when missing titles, missing Alt Tags, and so on are found and reported to us, it does frustrate us – although, it means we grow our business as customers see that we DO care for their website and want them to grow!

Distinctly different SEO service

Because our SEO Service is distinctively different, we are sticklers for quality assurance.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!. Absolutely no idea who said that first but they were correct.

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How well is your website performing? 1024 456 Editor

How well is your website performing?

A website that isn’t performing so well can be destructive to a business, or at the very least, put the business in a “bad light”.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. customers see your website and turn away as it looks poor
  2. on a mobile device, your website’s text is too small to read
  3. the menu or contact form is too small to tap on to use
  4. unlisted on Google’s first few pages
  5. content jumps about thru poor animation

All these issues can be so bad for your website.  This is where we can step in to help you.

modern website healthcheck

How can we help you with your website?

We take your website address and have a professional, keen-eye look at your website.  Not just a quick browse but a full look through the coding to understand if your SEO is setup correctly, image setup, and the whole structure of your website.

Sometimes your website audit isn’t to do with the SEO, but more the design and feel of the website.  It might be in a poor state, and ‘old fashioned’ by today’s standards.  We can completely redesign the website, with the same content or perhaps with brand new content to really bring your website up to date.

Often the current website hosting package, or service isn’t even up to scratch for you – we can help there as well.

There really is so much we can do to make your website ownership a more superior experience.

Please visit our Website Healthcheck page for more information, and take that next step to having a better website, managed better, working on all devices, with the finest local support.

If you just need better website hosting, visit our page for more details, and begin the journey to an improved service.

Your local Lincolnshire Web Designer will do their best to make your business look perfect again.

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How is your website ranking these days? 1024 457 Editor

How is your website ranking these days?

Everyone wants to be ranked number one, right?  Sure.  It’s easy right?  Not that easy.  It needs a lot of careful tweaking of your website, monthly updates and quite often, an overhaul to rejig your entire system.

A lot of work goes into the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for a website.  It isn’t a one quick fix and it’s done.  It takes time and effort:

  • new content
  • correctly coded images
  • correct titles on all pages
  • various levels of website hosting
  • social media connectivity

Based in our Lincolnshire studio, we are experts at local SEO work.  Each month we will take on your content to create new pages or news articles, and ensure it is fully ‘SEO Compliant’, meaning Google and other search engines can ‘read’ your pages effectively.  There are a number of things we can do for your Google Ranking on a one quick fix.

google rankingLincolnshire Google Ranking

Quick fixes can be done on many websites.  but often it requires new work.  A new system to make images load much more dynamically.  Again, we are masters at this, and have done it many times for some highly successful clients, from plumbers to small and very large commerce websites.

So this is it – if your website is not performing so well, and you feel it’s the SEO that needs work, give us a call or use Livechat.  We are here to help, to work with you, and to make your website far more successful.


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Free Website Audit for an Amazing new Website 1024 449 Editor

Free Website Audit for an Amazing new Website

As we say this, the holiday season is coming upon us, and things get a little exciting – some folks think now is the time to make their website *right*.  Stop this poor mobile experience.  Stop the tiny text and zooming needed to see the website.  Stop the mobile “version” of a website, and desktop “version”.

Get it done with responsive design.  Get the SEO done correctly, so that Google can find you.  Get your Social Media correctly – and connect it to your website.

Make it your Christmas present to your company – a website to be properly proud to have, and managed by the local professionals.

We can setup your site and host it on our dedicated UK servers, managed by UK staff who are the experts in the business.
No more emailing your design company and waiting days for a reply.  We are super quick and responding.  We listen to everyone.

Locally managed Lincolnshire Websites

locally managed lincolnshire websitesWe manage websites from local plumbers to huge retailers.  From small churches, to UK known celebrity.  We are the trusted web design company for Lincolnshire, based in Spalding.  If you want to book a meeting, or just give us a call, our details are below.  If you just need a brief online chat, click the button below.

Let’s make your website great!!  REALLY GREAT.

Get your FREE website audit ordered today.  Just click the link, and go through the process, and we will send you a free audit on how it is setup.

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SSL Websites are important for your hosting 1024 492 Editor

SSL Websites are important for your hosting

We all know how important security is nowadays with more and more online attacks happening; this is why all our websites now come with SSL secure hosting.

Whether you have a standard website just to show what you are and what you do – or if you have an e-commerce website where shopping carts and payment details are being added, or a part commerce website – shop, but online ‘enquiry within’ style pages – SSL is vital.

lincolnshire ssl securityThis website is on HTTPS SSL –, to ensure any data sent to us via online forms, is done so through SSL security, keeping you safe online.

If you want a website hosting, and you feel SSL is pretty important, just give us a call.  We can sometimes move a site to our servers, depending on it’s setup.  Don’t hesitate, get in touch!

When you visit a website, if you are sending data by email or on a form, if it is not SSL, then the data you are sending is insecure.  If it IS SSL https in the url, then the data is encrypted.  Google prefers encryption, as it feels that is safer online.

We have expert systems in place in ensure your certificate is always up to do, meaning SSL is always live and updated.  If you are unsure if you really need it, and want to ask, visit our contact page and we will help the best we can.  Trust in 79DESIGN to always serve you as a priority.

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Always improving for Speed and SEO 1024 453 Editor

Always improving for Speed and SEO

We work hard on our clients’ websites to ensure the SEO is kept up to date, as new products go up and new pages.  Also ensuring that the features on pages are easy to understand and not ‘clouded’ by too much fuss.

This goes for our website too.

Website updated – new and refreshingly simple

We have since updated our website to make it cleaner and easier to find what you want.  There were too many images on there, which made it look a little bit cluttered.  So like we are in our heads (generally well structured and able to remember vast and bizarre facts at times), we have made the homepage much more structured, and cleaner.

It will also load faster, making it a far better experience for you, as there is less now to download while making the information at your fingertips much easier to read and digest.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on anything.  So should you want to get in touch, asking where something is, or general feedback, don’t hesitate.

faster websites better seo

Lincolnshire SEO friendly images – easy to read

We decided to reduce the image content, instead going for icons that represent the page, and some brief information on the page ahead.  Images take up kbs, and while they are all highly responsive, meaning they even loaded smaller versions for smaller devices, images along with text overlaid, can be a little overpowering.  This is why we have gone back to a simply format.  We hope you like it.

Do you need help improving your website, making it faster, checking its SEO and responsiveness, get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to help.

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Taking The Lead with a Website 1024 580 Editor

Taking The Lead with a Website

A website is the thing to have nowadays.  If you have a business but no website, then you are one step behind those that do.

Those taking the lead on the internet, are those that have a website to show others what services they offer; photographs of what they have done – simple.

Taking the Lead with ease, at 79DESIGN

Based in Spalding, we can help you make a website work perfectly for your business.  If you need of just 3-4 pages, or a larger website; any sized website is better than no website.

You have somewhere to direct your customers from your Social Media pages, a contact form, and if it is done correctly, will appear higher on search pages than your social pages too.

taking the lead with a Spalding website

Modern, styling, responsive – this is what you need for your customers to browse your services.  Lead the way in the service you provide, by showing customers you are taking the modern step in having a fabulous website to show off.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s make a start with hosting you a brilliant new website.

79DESIGN – taking the lead to bring you up to date online!

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