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Our honest review will let you know of menu issues, navigation problems, mobile problems and more.  But beyond that, we will recommend the way we would move it forward, why it is not performing well, and how we would do things differently.
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What is a website audit?

A professional SEO website audit is a manual review of your website SEO and prioritises the key changes that need to be made to your website to meet Google’s requirements for a ‘high-quality’ website.

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“Thank you for all your continued help, right from day one, you have been amazing! 😉
Abbie, Marketing, Aletheia, Kent


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“Nothing is to much trouble and their knowledge and enthusiasm is endless in helping us get to where we want to be.”
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We perform a Website Audit considerately, then make SEO and Design recommendations

You’ve found us here as you are looking for a website audit.  Maybe it has issues in design, or it’s not ranking so well.  We can run an SEO website audit, and then look to fixing them for you as well.

“My mind was put at ease knowing that you are just at the end of a phone or email if anything needs sorted, he brought our website upto date and it’s running brilliantly We would highly recommend 79 Design for anything website related.”
Chris, SBT Animal Rescue, Wisbech

Why hire 79DESIGN for your website audit?

You can hire 79DESIGN on a one-off basis for a website audit your SEO to identify the SEO priorities for you (or us) to fix and fully resolve.
With the issues we may find, you can get your website development team to do the tasks identified in your SEO Audit, or 79DESIGN can step in and do it for you.

Our website SEO audit is ideal for any kind of business, be it small, single page, or large multi national.
A successful SEO audit provides the information on what could be wrong with your website, from design to direct SEO issues, and to improve a website in a practical manner for your business.

The final Hobo SEO audit delivered to you is tailored to your business and will be dependent on your circumstances.

Then we could fix all your SEO issues!

A professional SEO audit is a manual review of your website SEO and prioritises the key changes that need to be made to your website to meet Google’s requirements for a design and content-driven website.

79DESIGN can then provide that SEO work on your website to resolved these issues.

  • Menu fixes
  • Keyword fixes
  • Image Optisimation
  • Hosting speed solutions
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