Customising WordPress 750 422 79DESIGN Ltd

Customising WordPress

Wordpress is a fabulous tool for creating websites in a much faster way that was previously possible.  This is why we adopted it years ago. However, there are times when you need a little Wordpress Customising as it’s not designing things quite the way you want it.  A Wordpress Agency in the UK, we have…

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linked in company discount
LinkedIn Company Page discount 1024 538 79DESIGN Ltd

LinkedIn Company Page discount

Did you know 79DESIGN has a company page on LinkedIn?  Possibly not.  But better still, we are offering discounts to new clients who come to us, and follow our Linked In company page.  Just head over to our page, follow our account and send us a message; either on the wall, or private message.  You…

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just add puree new website
New website for supermarket brand 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

New website for supermarket brand

Over the past six months or so, we have been working very closely with local Lincolnshire company, JDM Food Group.  We have worked with them for a while now, and last year following consultation with 79DESIGN, their Marketing Director and his team, we began work on a new site for their ‘Just AddTM‘ brand. It…

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website seo auditor
Your Website SEO Auditor 1024 528 79DESIGN Ltd

Your Website SEO Auditor

 Voiceover for the partially sighted Soon be 2019, or it might be 2019 when you read this.  Maybe it’s time to get your website’s Google position sorted out.  Appearing on page 3 or 4… or not even appearing at all? Let’s take a look at the fundamental issues first, then go through it piece…

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Launching Just Ask 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Launching Just Ask

Today we are launching Just Ask – a brand new way for us to interactively answer common and less common website questions to clients and interested parties too. We receive Livechat, and can answer questions instantly there, but we would love to have answers given on our Instagram – so you post to us on…

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magic css coding
Achieving the seemingly impossible 900 624 79DESIGN Ltd

Achieving the seemingly impossible

Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of those days when things just aren’t all going to plan.  We had a situation of an ecommerce website that had an upsell section added to it. So you see the product page you are on, with Buy Now, price and so on – the usual things.  But within that, are…

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bg web designing
A Busy Web Designing Week 1024 562 79DESIGN Ltd

A Busy Web Designing Week

It has been an extremely busy week for us.  A whole myriad of things had to be done.  But busy is good! Video Production and Social Media Working on Video Production and Editing for a local delivery company, getting it edited and them adding intros and ‘outros'(?), then placing it within their social media and…

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recruitment websites
Recruitment Website Design 1000 654 79DESIGN Ltd

Recruitment Website Design

Recruitment Website Design | Specialist Recruitment Websites Recruitment websites are often bland, no means for jobseekers to search for jobs, nor the means for the agency to upload jobs and view CVS. Now you can with an amazing recruitment website – setup in weeks Recruitment companies, particular in our area of Lincolnshire, require websites that…

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