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Business Development with your Website 1024 575 Editor

Business Development with your Website

Your business – in this day and age – is not complete without a great looking website, and a website that looks small on a phone, is not great.  This creates a bad outlook toward your business development.

Upgrading Websites is a key service we offer

One of our key services is in upgrading websites as part of a business development plan.  Whether you want the same content, but a revamp of the design, making it responsive, improving the look of your content and imagery.  Or if you want something brand spanking new for your business!

Over 50% of online viewing is now done on mobile phones.  It’s because they are pretty much always to hand.  You don’t go and get your laptop or sit at a desk, when you can just pick up your phone and check on something.

Someone might send you a link on social media or text and you tap it to look.  But if you have to zoom in to look at it, the experience is poor right from the start.

Business Development – growing your website

So here at 79DESIGN we like to work with businesses who wish to improve their online presence.  Better use of images, interactive on their social media, and make their website really ‘pop’ on a mobile phone.

The difference can be amazing!

business development websites

We perform website audits for companies, but sometimes the really obvious stuff is whether it works nice on a phone.  If the text is tiny and the menu is untappable, then it is not good at all.  We can help with this Business Development to transform your website – to make it really buzz on screen.

So what’s next for your website?

business development

We can help.
01775 894479

Give us a call, talk us through the issues you have got, and let’s make your business development grow, and your website look outstanding for your customers.

Our homepage is our core Web Designer area, and can lead you to all the areas we build your website an online presence.  Here we can help with your Social Media, your SEO, and build you a website you are really proud to own.

Don’t hesitate.  Let’s make your business develop correctly, at least from an online perspective!

Launching Just Ask 150 150 Editor

Launching Just Ask

Today we are launching Just Ask – a brand new way for us to interactively answer common and less common website questions to clients and interested parties too.

We receive Livechat, and can answer questions instantly there, but we would love to have answers given on our Instagram – so you post to us on our website, and we can post a video on Instagram, mentioning you, and following you, with the answer.  Let’s grow the Just Ask community.

A brand new interactive way to respond to you

It’s brand new, so let’s see what happens.  If we can help people with little issues.

Visit our Just Ask page, submit your question, with or without your Email (which will never be shared) and we will try to answer your question.

just askBurning questions for web, SEO and social media

Questions such as how quickly can we build your website, do we do logos, do we just use WordPress or other tools, can we help with your social media – if you have a burning question, or one that is a little “left field”, Just Ask us.

The plan is to post answers on Instagram.  An “almost” live video to give you a personal response.  We may begin to combine them and put them on YouTube as well.


magic css coding
Achieving the seemingly impossible 900 624 Editor

Achieving the seemingly impossible

Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of those days when things just aren’t all going to plan.  We had a situation of an ecommerce website that had an upsell section added to it.

So you see the product page you are on, with Buy Now, price and so on – the usual things.  But within that, are check boxes to add other products to the cart… at the same time.  For example:  A radio controlled, with the Upsell of some big batteries and some improved compatible tyres.  The idea is the customer clicks on those too, and when they add to basket, it adds all three items rather than just the one.

Big Sales Upsell Method

It worked for this website many moons ago on a non-Wordpress platform.
This time round they are using a plugin, but it had one major glitch – it didn’t work well for Variables.

If they had the option of Red, Blue and Black, that suddenly made the Checkbox area show TWICE.  We couldn’t mess with the code, and the people behind the plugin said it wasn’t compatible with variables.

They asked us if we could ‘hide’ the first or second set of check boxes, but the answer (or so we thought) was no.

After some research (and a lot of hard work) we are pleased to say we found a fix.  We found a smart method of hiding the second row (literally telling it which row ‘number’ to hide’, but then allow just the first row to show.  It sounded impossible, as the styling code cannot run ‘queries’… (count how many there are, add another piece to the code to highlight the others and then hide them).  This cannot be done within digging into the plugin of someone’s code… which could be over written by an update!

We have written code like this before, we you tell it ‘ever 4th row to do x’, but this could not be done in that way.

magic css coding

Smart Website Thinking

So we found another way – a better way.  We shan’t go into the details, as those who wrote it might be asking us for help to make it possible, but it’s a genius bit of coding, only 9 lines long.  They now have a product page with one block of upsell products; better still, they can reduce the price of those upsell products ONLY when it is part of an upsell!

ie  the batteries are £3.99, but if bought with this car, they are £3.49.

We are really proud of the finished result.  It generated big sales for them on the old website, and now they have it on this one, we hope the same will happen.

Smart thinking.  Not giving up.  Paracetamol.

bg web designing
A Busy Web Designing Week 1024 562 Editor

A Busy Web Designing Week

bg web designing

It has been an extremely busy week for us.  A whole myriad of things had to be done.  But busy is good!

Video Production and Social Media

Working on Video Production and Editing for a local delivery company, getting it edited and them adding intros and ‘outros'(?), then placing it within their social media and on their own YouTube channel.  That had a few challenges of it’s own, but the results are great.

WordPress Quotation System

We also looked at a new Quotation system whereby you can book online to have your deliveries collected at a certain place, at a certain time, and see immediately what it will cost it.  It’s is a bit of a game changer for this relatively small company.  They are growing rapidly, and work with some well known house hold names – so a tool like this for those and other clients will prove invaluable.  It’s a tool within WordPress, but we have worked with the developer of the tool to make it work perfectly.

Gaming Website Overhaul

As well as many background tasks we perform we also started a website for a local company that hires out games systems.  Believe it or not, they are in Lincolnshire, but also Dorset and London.  Rather spread out.  An exciting website to build, as they hire out all sorts of fun stuff, including those F1 simulators.  One of which was used by Lewis Hamilton no less (with a video to prove it).

Gardening … well more than that!

Some of our clients work with some very well known people too.  One of which is a landscaper and has some a very impressive CV.  More on this as it happens, but David, if you are reading this, we are very excited and hope to create a strong relationship with you.  The photos of homes he has worked on are just outstanding; as well as certain well known “garden attractions”….

Server upgrade

We also had a major hosting server upgrade thanks to our hosting partners.  It was a move that was expected toward the end of the year, but we are pleased that it was pulled forward.  It did cause a couple of hitches here and there, but we are pleased with the final result.  It also means better SSL for our clients, and an improve back-end system.  Just better in so many ways.  Sincere thanks to our hosting partners, particularly Pete.

We don’t stand still here.  Things are always moving forward.  Starting on a new ‘Action Figures’ project next week as well.  Our work os so varied, it’s untrue, but this is why we love it.

Local ECommerce Website

We also met some fine people in Spalding this week who need an ecommerce website – as theirs is “admittedly to them” not the finest in today’s marketplace.  Had a fab meeting with them, and a delicate situation that turned out to break the ice in a brilliant way.

Supermarket brand

Finally we also did some background work on the website overhaul we are producing for a major herb and puree tube brand in supermarkets.  A really good strong relationship there with some great people.  It’s a few months in the making, but man are we excited!

What a week.  So if any of this is the sort of thing you need, from Ecommerce to WordPress, or just to contact us about a meeting, we are right here ready.

Roll on September…. 

website project management
Websites Project Management 1024 458 Editor

Websites Project Management

One of the things we do really well for our clients, is to keep them well informed of progress of their new websites, or of their website upgrades; this is where our project management side comes into play.

While we email clients back and forth to request information, documents, images and so on to develop new tools, we also use a Project Management system called ToDoist that means we can keep our clients fully informed of jobs, and they can comment on these jobs which ‘pings’ the message to us.  It’s all stored in one central location that can be access on an App, or on a website login system.

project management on mobile phone

Project Management keeping you informed

The sole purpose of this is to keep you informed of the work you are paying us to do.  Whether it lists the tasks at hand at any one time, or us commenting on tasks, or indeed you posting a comment.  We can access these from iPhone or iPad, or through PC.  It means we can manage it all from one place, and you feel supported in even way possible, to ensure you have the best outcome, and you have a transparent view of what’s going on.

We don’t believe in the client having to wait for days for replies.  We normally reply the same day, if not within the same hour!  But using this clever project management tool, we can keep you informed even better and closer than ever before.

Listing tasks such as:

  1. adding banner script for admin updating
  2. working thru pages, admin page X taking longer than expected
  3. Facebook and Twitter to have cover photos added

This is the sort of thing we add, to which the client who we have share the item to can comment on them.

79DESIGN – keeping you well informed, project managed and easy to get hold of when you need us.

Updating Website
Always improving for Speed and SEO 1024 453 Editor

Always improving for Speed and SEO

We work hard on our clients’ websites to ensure the SEO is kept up to date, as new products go up and new pages.  Also ensuring that the features on pages are easy to understand and not ‘clouded’ by too much fuss.

This goes for our website too.

Website updated – new and refreshingly simple

We have since updated our website to make it cleaner and easier to find what you want.  There were too many images on there, which made it look a little bit cluttered.  So like we are in our heads (generally well structured and able to remember vast and bizarre facts at times), we have made the homepage much more structured, and cleaner.

It will also load faster, making it a far better experience for you, as there is less now to download while making the information at your fingertips much easier to read and digest.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on anything.  So should you want to get in touch, asking where something is, or general feedback, don’t hesitate.

faster websites better seo

Lincolnshire SEO friendly images – easy to read

We decided to reduce the image content, instead going for icons that represent the page, and some brief information on the page ahead.  Images take up kbs, and while they are all highly responsive, meaning they even loaded smaller versions for smaller devices, images along with text overlaid, can be a little overpowering.  This is why we have gone back to a simply format.  We hope you like it.

Do you need help improving your website, making it faster, checking its SEO and responsiveness, get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to help.

iPhone Spalding
iPhone Support includes Video Demo 950 539 Editor

iPhone Support includes Video Demo

As part of our Home PC Computer Support service, to clients with whom we have had consultations, and for those wishing to see demonstrations of a “how to” on their iPhone, we can now send them video demonstrations, with audio descriptions.

Often we describe how to do something, but it’s far easier if you can see how it’s done.  Such as deleting an app, moving an icon, how to add bookmarks in Safari, and so on.

iPhone support SpaldingA very personal iPhone support service in Spalding

For those wishing to receive that extra bit of support, for a small fee, we can produce a video on one of our iPhones, to demonstrate how to do something, and talk you through it.  So you open the download on your phone, watch the video and …. “ahhh that’s how it is done, and they recorded that just for me”.

We feel Home Computer Support isn’t just about turning up and fixing.  It’s about sitting with you, guiding you through something, checking you can do it a few times, so we leave you inspired, knowing something new.

When it comes to Apple’s iPhone, they are very intuitive, but even then, some folks are unsure how to make it do easy things.

79DESIGN shows you how, with iPhone Support Service

Our personal consultation support will get you there.  Don’t hesitate to contact us through Livechat, email, or call us.  We are always here, ready to help.  Or pop round one evening to show you, at a time convenient for yourself.

ecommerce websites
Fully Custom eCommerce Bundle Tool Created – easy to use 1024 483 Editor

Fully Custom eCommerce Bundle Tool Created – easy to use

Some of our clients use Custom website, as in, not built with WordPress or Shopify.

This is usually because their requirements are so specific and frankly, unique, that a WordPress website would struggle to meet their demands.

One of the pains in their life is creating Bundles: a group of products for which they can assign a discount.  The trouble was, it was always written as part of the overall Products system, so they appeared within Products.  This meant each product page had to first check if the product in question is a bundle or not, and then handle that.

We wrote all that, but have since overhauled it.

The other issue was the process for admins to create a bundle was rather long winded, and we didn’t offer a good method to Edit a bundle.

bundle ecommerce websites

The ECommerce Bundle system has radically changed

The admins can now create a bundle in under 5 minutes.  Entering the product codes, clicking Save to show each product, including it’s image, price etc, and then clicking Create, to make it live.  It’s really that quick!

They then see a list of all Bundles in the system.  They can Edit, Delete, Pause, or just change the percentage discount in three simple clicks.

On the product page, it works very similar to Amazon and Shopify.  If the product the consumer is on, is set as the first item in a bundle, the special offer bundle will be shown on that page below the product’s description.  So if the item is £50.00, then the bundle will show that image, with the reduced price, along with other items in the bundle, and the means to Buy Bundle.

If they want to see details of each item in the Bundle, they just click the image which opens it in a new tab, while not losing the original page – and hopefully not losing the sale!

It’s extremely easy to use.  Very nice user-interface (which we think is important), so it’s a pleasure to be in that part of the admin area.  On the product page it in fact uses LESS resources now, as we have stripped out all the old ‘bundle’ code which was a bit slow and dated.  This is a third the amount of code, and queries a new database table as well.

The owner of the website is extremely impressed.  Doubtless they will have tweaks or “it would be really good if we could…..” suggestions.  We love those.

Funnily enough, as we were writing this news story, this actually happened – we were asked if there could be a filter on the Bundles page so customers can filter by Category.  While the products are not showing in category listing pages, the products do of course come from the products database.  So we have written a filter within a dropdown menu on the page, so customers can select a category and show only the bundles, where the primary product is within said category.

A brilliant little addon, a few hours works, and amazing results.

We have also been asked if the pages where products appear (such as categories, sub-categories, search results, new products and so on), could show if that product is part of a bundle.  Using a little web design witchcraft, we have done it.  A little ‘ribbon’ on the right of the product, overlapping the photo, shows ‘Bundle Available’.  So it attracts the buyer even more to know they could get a discount if they buy a package.

New Blog
Products from the Movies, Games and TV Shows 1024 384 Editor

Products from the Movies, Games and TV Shows

What a busy week we have had.  We have been in the middle of developing something really exciting for a client of ours.  They sell products that similar or ‘versions of’ products seen in big movies, TV Shows and even video games.

We had the idea of promoting these products *to* the production companies, but then we added a twist on that; let consumers buy the products (or their versions of them) so they can play what they seen in the entertainment industry, in the garden or elsewhere.

video game props

The idea came partly from the initial idea for production companies, then our director, Simon, had the idea from his own collection of memorablia.

“I have a few items of clothing, including actually the sunglasses that Horatio Caine wears in CSI Miami – that he famously keeps taking on and off during scenes.  How great would it be for our client to be able to offer their versions of products to customers who want what they see in these shows”.

csi sunglasses

Horatio Caine, with Director, Simon’s sunglasses below.

So that’s precisely what we did.  For this custom website, we first created the admin area for administrator to create the movie, game or TV Show, upload a banner for it, select what genre of entertainment it is, and give it a title.  Then assign each product that is sold on the website, to that title.

If the product is discounted or has other features we show on the ‘thumbnail’ pages, these will appear as well; voila, you have products from the shows.  It works brilliantly.  Customers can even filter on Games, TV Shows, Movies, so if there are dozens and dozens of them on the system, and they just want to see the games, they can.

We will be developing this more, so for example, you might want to search for a show.

While developing this, we also vastly upgraded their top area where the menu resides.  We use to have a search link that went to the search page.  With contact details top left, and some social media top right.  Now, it’s so much better and easier to use.  There is a search form at the top middle where it is on most commerce websites, so users can go straight in to find their products.

This is now being rolled out on their various other websites in the company’s group.

blog lincolnshire
Events page gets more prominence 1024 518 Editor

Events page gets more prominence

We found out recently that an ‘Events’ page on a client’s website is getting a LOT of attention through Google search.  It was a small sub page that listed Events companies showing: locations, website addresses, phone numbers, logos etc.  This page is for customers looking for locations to use the products sold on the website.

Events page get Google’s attention

We are unsure really why it ranks so high, but it’s possibly because the site itself has a number one prominence in its marketplace now.

So this morning (Wednesday) we worked on a new area for this page to give it a bit more prominence and frankly, usage for customers and those who are listed on it.

Featured Events site

There is a ‘featured site’ area now, to promote they are having a big event at some point, send a photo in, and at no cost it can be promoted as a Featured Site.  Obviously this takes more than five minutes to develop … it’s not a plugin!

events management page

We had to change the whole Edit function so it incorporated an Image Upload tool which could be for a promotional banner, photo of the site or whatever; Featured Content text, and of course the ability to switch it on or off as being ‘featured’.

It was done in about 5 hours of hard work.  It works really well, and we have even added new ‘tags’ into the page, to help Google recognise the site names and images.

Readers can also now select a town or county from a dropdown list of those in the system.  It’s very useful for both the customers, and the admins of the website if they want to promote a site, but not sure where in the list it is shown.

To visit the page in question, please go to  A long time client, with whom we have a very strong relationship.

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