UK WordPress Support Services

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Our tailored WordPress Support gives you and your business the backing it needs.  Providing content, image and layout support for your online business.  It’s part of our WordPress Agency service.

Support... like no other.

UK wordpress support services

Stress-free tailored WordPress Support.

To serve you best, we will create you a rolling monthly custom designed UK WordPress support package.  This looks after your website’s uptime, imagery, layouts, page content and other areas as needed.

Every package, designed for your business

From simple updates to backups and monitoring; full WordPress support.
Remove the stress, leave it to us.

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There's so much we can do for you.
Where does it start?

Plugin and WordPress Updates

We ensure that each month your WordPress installations are up to date, backups are made and WordPress security is in place.

Wordpress Content Updates

We can update your pages, images, videos and other related content across your WordPress website.

System Uptime Monitoring

We can ensure your website is running perfect, and take action if anything goes amiss!

Wordpress Support Tailored Pricing .... for you.

Tailored Support Packages

This is a list of just some of the items we manage in our WordPress Support.

We have no ‘fixed pricing’ structure, as each package is tailored for your requirements.  Monthly pricing however starts at £50.00 per month.  It’s part of our WordPress Agency Services.

From just

£50 p/mth

  • Page content updates
  • Blog updates
  • Plugin checks
  • Menu fixes
  • Branding ups
  • Layout changes
  • Widget checks and updates
  • Minor to major SEO fixes

What WP Tailored Package do you need?

Your issues

Running a WordPress website can be time consuming.  Making sure that the tools on the website are all up to date, and running smoothly.  Is your website performing daily backups – and do you know what to do if you need to ‘restore’?

Do you need to update multiple WordPress Plugins, but not sure if they will work?  Unsure about running the updates?

This is where we come into play here – we can save you time and the trouble trying to solve issues.

Our solution

Your budget is one of our first considerations.  We tailor your WordPress Support package to it.  Providing you with monthly updates across your website for plugins and ‘core updates’ from WordPress itself.  This all ensures your website is running super smooth.

Some plugins require payment if they are chargeable, but again we can look into this for you, taking the time and stress away.

Wordpress Support FAQs

Every website is different.
So is every client.

So we try to be as open and frank as we can with our WordPress Support packages, and what we can and cannot do.

Each monthly WordPress Support package is tailored, so there is no set monthly fee.  Two companies can have very different packages.  If you want us to host your site, provide daily backups, and Plugin and WordPress updates, this would cost more per month than just hosting and backups.  Get in touch with us about your needs and we will give you the best possible package.

There will be occasions when a plugin you have on your website was paid for by you or someone else.  If it is out of date, and the support has expired for it, then there may be an additional cost; unless it can be ‘swallowed up’ in your package fee with us.

WordPress and plugins installed on your website are regularly updated to ensure it runs smooth and your website remains secure. This can include an array of services, including but not limited to:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Plugin Updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Installation of new Plugins
  • Hosting server updates.

Yes.  We offer monthly retainer packages in sets of 3, 5 or 7 hours, as some websites need more attention than others.  Or several days per month, if your website really needs it.  We ‘tailor’ the package to you and your budget.

Hassle Free WordPress Support & Maintenance

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