• 29th May 2024

New Projects and New iPad

New Projects and New iPad

New Projects and New iPad 715 402 79DESIGN Ltd

We haven’t posted any Blogs in a long time, mostly as been so busy.

So we thought we’d write this one to update a few things.  In the last few months we have created new websites for many companies.  We’ve provided new hosting homes for many as well, including just for emails, and for one company that’s right on our Doorstep – Spriggs and Co, plus another that’s a little further from our doorstep, in Bourne: Sarah Jane Jewels.

Transferred websites to our hosting

We also moved, and redesigned the website for the European Association For Secure Transations, knowing as EAST.  Working with Lachlan there to create them something brand new – same content, just better designed and better hosted.

Local businesses needing our help

Another project was to move all emails and eventually website over for Kestrel Group in Pinchbeck.  They provide building materials and craftsmanship across Lincolnshire, and the UK.

Spriggs and Co asked us to look at their website which was in serious need of a redesign.  We sent them a few ideas across, and within a few months, the site was done.  Often we are asked to change things, to suit their needs, but this was one of those rare times when nothing needed changing.  Just a few extra bits of text – but nothing design wise.  We were so proud.

We also had a project to move JW Cope’s website to our hosting.  Their hosting was deeply out of date, with security flaws frankly, and an aged server.  Their existing hosts would not upgrade it or move it to better hosting – we our plan was to move it to a far superior setup, with a plan to upgrade the site as well.

The site is now on a top end hosting platform, with regular backups, and the latest tech.

New (ish) iPad Pro

Onto other things – we recently bought a new iPad.  Frankly didn’t need the latest iPad as according to a few reviews – don’t buy it.  It’s like driving a Ferrari around, only even in the Cotswolds – no point.  The operating system isn’t really up to that sort of power, and unless you do very heavy video editing and much more besides, it’s a waste of power.

Plus, environmentally feels good to buy used or refurb – so that is exactly what we did.  A Refurb iPad Pro 11, M1 direct from Apple.  It cost about £80 more than one on Ebay, but came with a new Apple battery and a new ‘back’ to the casing.  So was worth it.  According to Marques Brownlee, it’s the best iPad out there.  And the one that provides the best tech, for what it needs.  Not like a 10L Turbo charged Petrol Engine to “only even pop to the shops”.

But we now need a new case.  We looked at the ones with the keyboards, but again, never needed it, so went for an Apple Folio one.  Oddly, we found them on Ebay, I think coz the iPad is an older model, they were selling them cheaper.  Originally around £80, down to £16.99.  And a Navy shade, which has a hint of our purple to it.

Terrific design.  Once we get it, might post a picture on here.  Rather than those cases you ‘snap’ the device into and it’s a finger nail breaker to get it out; this design is magnetic.  It just attaches.


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