Business Email Hosting Services

When all you need is a service to hosting your emails. We can setup an account for you, so you can access emails from anywhere, to your account.

Your Business.
Your Email.

All you want... is email.

When it comes to emailing your clients, or them emailing you, isn’t it better that they contact you on, rather than  Sometimes you prefer gmail, but it can look more professional to have your business domain.

Whether we host your website or not, we can host your emails so that you can access them via Microsoft Outlook, an iPhone or other devices.

This can be part of your main Website Hosting service, or a dedicated Business Professional Email service, like

Contact us today if you need specifically Email Only hosting from us – we can set it up quite quickly for you.


gsuite logo gmail

G-Suite: Not our preferred method

There are services like G-Suite which offers business email through Gmail, but it costs, and it’s not cheap.

It’s Complicated

It costs per setup, or if you use Groups, it gets complicated.  We asked someone about it who said it isn’t, but it took a few minutes for them to explain it.

We take the simpler, easier route.

Our services can provide you with all the business email address you need, each with individual usernames and passwords, and even internal-forwarding.

That way, your clients are emailing * rather than  And best yet, we can set it up in minutes!

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