Business Email Hosting and Support

Using the business email hosting technology, but in the easiest and simplest way, we can provide your business email hosting via Outlook, iPhone, Android, Windows, Webmail, you name it…!

Access via Mobile Phone

Great Support as Standard

Windows Outlook access

Professional Business Email

When it comes to emailing your clients, or them emailing you, isn’t it better that they contact you on, rather than  It certainly is, and we can help you with this.

Whether we hosting your website or not, we can host your emails so that you can access them via Microsoft Outlook, an iPhone or other devices.

Microsoft Outlook Email for Business

When it comes to emails for business, most use Microsoft Outlook.  We find it amazing that many web design and hosting companies don’t provide a means for you to add your emails to Outlook.  We do.  Using POP or IMAP.

Webmail Roundcube

Accessing your business emails via Webmail can be your preferred means; we can provide you with Roundcube to check emails and storage them.  Get in touch for more details.

iPhone Email Setup

All your emails can be accessed and monitored from your iPhone (or Mac/iPad).  This is great when you are away from work, as you can delete emails directly from the server, so when you return, no need to download the emails you have trashed.  Very smart!

High Limit on Email Attachments

There is no worry about the size of emails you send.  If you are expecting a 15-20mb email of a CAD drawing for example, our systems can handle it.  We don’t throttle, plus we can make adjustments to suit your particular business needs.