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Sarah Jane Jewels

What they do
Sarah Jane is in Bourne in Lincolnshire. She creates hand made fine quality jewellery to sell online.

Bourne, Lincolnshire

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sarah jane jewells bourne

How it all started

Sarah originally came to us about having a website created sometime ago, but for varied reasons, one being location, she chose to have it created elsewhere.  Since then, she got in touch with us as she was running into problems.  Things not looking right, and some discomfort from where she was having it designed and hosted.  Sarah wanted us to take over the hosting, and ongoing support.

sarah jane jewells bourne

I wish I’d come to you sooner.

Sarah Jane, Owner

Our Solution

We had many conversations with Sarah about her experience; it got to the point where she told us she wished she’d come to us in the first place.  She was due to get WordPress Training, but alas they wouldn’t provide it onsite, which we always offer when we are so close to a client.

Our solution was simply to migrate her website to our hosting, with Free SSL, plus hosting her emails, and the WordPress Training too.  After many conversations with Sarah, she was clearly much happier with our offering, and within a short time, we had moved her website.

She will be shown how to use her site, face to face over a coffee, and we hope our service brings her warm comfort in the knowledge we are here for her.

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