Spriggs and Co

Financial Company

Spriggs and Co

What they do
Financial Accountants from Pinchbeck, near Spalding.  For personal and business finance.

Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

Visit their website
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spriggs and co website

How it all started

Jill from Spriggs and Co contacted us about their website.  It was very aged, and needed a total redesign with hosting.  We went through various options before coming up with a solution that perfectly met their needs.

spriggs and co website
spriggs and co website

I am really more than happy.

Jill, Spriggs and Co, Pinchbeck

Our Solution

We setup dummy hosting so we could build their WordPress Website on our server, from the ground up.  We created a simply layered logo to work on all devices, and each page based on their main services.  Many fonts were available to us of course, and we chose one that has a corporate feel, but beautiful and very readable on all devices.

All formats were checked so it looked great on every mobile, tablet and desktop, with some stock images used throughout.

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