• 18th January 2024

A Greener, Used, and Safer Business

A Greener, Used, and Safer Business

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In the past month we have been working hard with a company in Kettering, named CPL Ltd (or Cumberland Platforms Ltd).

We’ve worked with them for some time, which started out as training, but now it is so much more; the relationship we have with their marketing manager, Anna, is super positive.  In touch almost every day!  (never a bore)

There were a few things she wanted doing on the CPL website, namely:

Upgrading the Used products page
Creating a new Electric Vehicles page
Upgrading the IPAF Training page.

The Used page was one we had when we first redesigned it, but not a huge amount was put into it, as we were focused on other things with Anna.  Then she found it, and bells rang:  “we need this looking way better”.

So we took the design of an existing page on their site that we created, and used that to provide WordPress Development. to their Used page.  This was with supplied images, responsive checks, and new wording.  The result is really special.

Development of Used Products page

We created this from a page within their website, and adapted it to this new design.  The up/down bottom border… moves across the screen, on desktop and phones, to show what they do – lift and lower people.  We are super pleased with this result for their Used Cherry Picker vehicles.

cpl website design used

Green Energy Electric Products

This was a new page that was needed for their Green Electric vehicles, as the UK’s leading supplier of Access Platforms, they went more environmental.  This was a whole new page, with new ideas.  We had a plan, sent Anna some ideas and without hestitation, again we were on the same sentence, and she went for it.

This has some ‘lined’ animation, with different segments for desktop and mobile (as mobile can’t always do what desktop versions do).

IPAF Training page

This was a whole upgrade of an existing page for IPAF Training, that had very little on it. Anna supplied us with the textual content, and a few images, and we ran with it. She liked the page idea we had, and it also brought us a first!

Often we design something and as expected, you are asked to tweak something. But no tweak: we nailed it. Apart from one single image, that needed some blue adding, that was it. Layout, ordering, everything was terrific.

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