• 10th March 2023

Multi School Project across Kent

Multi School Project across Kent

Multi School Project across Kent 1024 541 79DESIGN Ltd

We are super pleased to be continuing with our multi-school project across Kent, providing School Website Design services, to an array of schools in the county.

Last year a client of ours who moved from one employer to another, prefer to use our services as to quote her “you were my first and only preferred choice”, to create them a website for a local school.  The plan was then to roll this out across many more schools across Kent.

As more have gone live, more have decided they want the same design and level of service that 79DESIGN has to offer, as a Education Website Design company.

rosherville school website design

More and more businesses and in fact Charities are finding us online, and wanting to adopt our services, be it for Web Design, Hosting, or WordPress Maintenance for their organisation.  We are so proud of this.  In fact another of our clients is requesting that we take on ALL their organisations websites, and not just in the UK!

2023 really is starting so positively for us, and for our clients who are receiving such fine levels of service.  One other client called Stephanie was in touch early in the New Year, as they had a terrible time with their design company.  We shan’t go into the full details, but they wanted to move away, and to a better service.  To that end, she got in touch with us, and we are upgrading her website as well as hosting it on a faster service.

We are about to start hosting more websites, including some NOT based in the UK too.  To quote another of our clients, whom we are in touch with practically every day, “I just want it all with you.”.

Today we received agreement on another client who wants their charitable website to be maintained by us.  We won’t be hosting as moving multiple sites, especially with their complex setup, can be painful, and we understand this.  But they can see from our experience, the level of service they will receive.  They are in Cirencester.  Long way from Lincolnshire – but while we are in Spalding, our clients are far and wide.  Up in Scotland, down in London, further south, and also across to Kent. Plus now in Germany and even Italy.

As our director, Simon, said recently “it is of immense pride that these companies are chosing us to look after them.  2022 was our busiest year ever – 2023 looks set to smash that, with some really amazing clients coming way.  Just goes to show, customer services counts for so much, as well as design perfection, hosting power – and we love working for them.

Every day is different, and many bring really exciting news.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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