• 21st December 2022

It’s been quite a year

It’s been quite a year

It’s been quite a year 500 405 79DESIGN Ltd

2022 has been a funny year for us.  It started rather well, then got busier, and busier toward the tail end of the year.

As more and more businesses are seeing their websites as “dated”, in their words, they are approaching companies like us to improve their online presence.

We are now in the midst of an amazing Education project right across Kent for schools.  This happened resulting from of other works we did for their digital marketing lady, as she got in touch with us when moving to this project.  Right now we have a huge rollout to go through, which we are really excited, and frankly proud, to be doing for them.  The plan was always to be rolling it out to multiple schools, after an initial design exercise.  They are terrific to work for as well.  With their own eye for colour, it helps us nail it for them.

More Educational work

Another project that continued this year was with yet another Education company, with whom we have the most terrific relationship.  Working on websites across Europe, to keep their brand on track, working on their SEO, and updating content for them.  We also work with their Business Director almost on a daily basis to update things, and fix problems that might arise (such as image sizing and shapes).

Big shout out to Simon, Chris and Brett – proud to be part of the family.  Working hard with them in Coventry, London and beyond to develop their online business, and as a UK Website Design company, we are so perfectly placed to help them.

We have worked on multiple projects throughout the year, both locally, extremely local, as well as much further north up in Scotland.  So our services are really broadening.  What was once a “Spalding” business, is now national.  Well, now it is international too, as we also provide support, design and hosting for websites in South Africa and Germany, and soon to be in France too.  Shout out to Abi and Pete.

Manufacturing in London… and Germany

Working for a manufacturing company near London on a redesign, this new design we hope will roll out to their German business too.

Sadly we can’t really talk about every project we have worked on this year, or we would be discussing holiday homes, plumbing, construction, even more education, and even Charities (shout out to Grace and Benta).  It’s been a very special year.

Tho only today we were contacted by a recruitment company wanting us to talk with them about their multi-website business across the UK.  The project is a view to providing WordPress Maintenance, Hosting and Support to all their websites.  We’ve had many requests like that through 2022, and we adore it.  Some we get, some we don’t.  But we are always pleased and proud to be asked, by national companies, Councils, as well as very local businesses yards from us.  It’s amazing.

To end this article, we’d also like to say hi to Anna.  We have made such a great team together on their new website which we hope will be live early January.  This is a company that has taken us by surprise.  Highly establish for a great many years, it shows that when a few people get together, and really click, they can wonderous things.  Plans are afoot to work on a multi-website project with them, right across Europe.

We are genuinely proud and in some cases, honoured to have been chosen for website design, branding and more.  It just goes to show, if you “be kind”, do your best, and inspire others, it can bring great pleasure, enjoying and work.  79DESIGN has had a very good 2022.  Roll on 2023: Making Websites Great Again.  (not a stolen slogan!!)

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