• 27th September 2019

What’s a Semi-Commerce website?

What’s a Semi-Commerce website?

What’s a Semi-Commerce website? 1000 571 79DESIGN Ltd

We have had enquiries where a client wants a website with no Buy Now button, but an Enquiry Here button.  The customer can’t buy directly on the website – but they can contact the website about the product.

Here are a few examples of where this works.  A motorcycle or car sales website.  You visit and you browse the photos, the description of the ‘vehicle’ and perhaps look at a video of it – but you cannot ‘add to cart’ as you would want to go see it first.

semi commerce mobileAnother example is a tiling website.  We have a client that sells lightweight stone.  They don’t sell online, as most of their clients would want them to visit them, or go to the showroom for an inspection of the tiles.  But they can view the catalogue online, look at the colours and applications of such products.

These are what we call Semi Commerce WebsitesECommerce is where you buy online, but Semi Commerce is “part of” ecommerce – it’s not the ‘full thing’; hence ‘semi’.  Traders Website often have this process as well, though they tend to have a means to sign up, and then purchase at trade pricing.

It is actually really easy to manage too, as you don’t need to add any shipping costs or integrate with a payment gateway.  You just load up your website with the products and photos, and away you go.

We can have a website like this setup for you in a matter of weeks.  Hosted securely.  Ready go to!

Visit our Semi Commerce page for more information, and to contact us about your next project.

Or if you want to just give us a call, our number is 01775 894479 or tap the Livechat icon below.


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