• 13th September 2019

Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites

Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites

Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites 900 600 79DESIGN Ltd

We have just started work for a magazine company in North Lincolnshire.  They get a lot of traffic to their website, and it made us think – what is the total amount of hits we get on all our websites.  We know it’s high, but how high?

The figure isn’t one that is regular of course, but within a range.  So we started looking.  Some of our UK WordPress Websites  get few low traffic for all manner of reasons, while others get upwards of 10-30,000 hits a day?  But what is a “hit”.  Many know what it is, but some don’t.  It’s pretty simple really.  You click on a page, you click on another page, then go to the Shop page.  That’s 3 hits.

uk online shop websitesWe look after ecommerce website design, magazine websites, small local business websites, and “who we are” websites that are about the person or the business.  Some of these get very high traffic as they have grown over the years.

17 Million Yearly WordPress page views

In the last year, all these websites have had traffic exceeding 17 million page views.  This is a genuine figure.  We do not host all these ourselves.  Some are hosted by their own preferred provider (often through our recommendation) and we manage the hosting for them.  If you are a maths person, that’s over 45,000 hits a day.

When one of our websites first started, they were the only (or one of very few) businesses in the UK that provided their particular service and product, and at Christmas around 2010/2012, they would attract over 100,000 hits a day.

It’s a startling fact.  These websites remain active today, with millions of page views every year.

wordpress uk hits

60.7% of all websites using a known content management system (CMS) in 2019 use WordPress.  It’s pretty crazy.
In 2019, WordPress powers over 30% of ALL the World’s websites.  It’s no wonder we use it for ours.

If you are looking at a company to develop a new website for you, and WordPress is one that you have heard of, who better to consult about your website, than us – 79DESIGN.

We are also now very proud to announce that we are number one on Google for UK WordPress Trainer, and we are WordPress Developer anyway, so it’s a completely package..  This is because we provide WordPress Training throughout the UK, onsite only.  There are many companies where you go to visit them, and much of what you learn is something you already know.  But when you need someone to come and sit down with you, and go through ‘your list of troubles’, none of those are any good.  We do this regularly.  Visit our WordPress Training page today here – it will open a new tab.

lincs wordpress training

So when deciding on the best method of getting your new website setup, pick a company that has done rather a lot of them, with successful traffic, and amazing fast support.  Quite a good combination really!

Or visit our UK WordPress Agency partner website, and contact us there.

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