• 4th October 2019

What is a WordPress website?

What is a WordPress website?

What is a WordPress website? 950 585 79DESIGN Ltd

When we meet with potential new clients, or even existing clients, we do get asked the question: “What is a WordPress website designer?”.

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Telling them it’s used by over 30% of the World’s websites isn’t really enough – that’s just a great sound bite though.

Many clients we meet, want to be able to edit their own content.  Not just to publish news and articles, but to edit the homepage, change phone numbers and so on.  A WordPress websites can do exactly that.  As a UK WordPress Agency, we predominately do WordPress only websites, because they are much easier to setup, and we can manage the layouts and styling so much easier; and boy does it cost the client less much that if it was all bespoke coding.

WordPress itself is free to install.  You can use their own systems, but we prefer to manage the hosting, so if things go wrong or need updating, we have “back end server” control.  The theme and plugins are what can cost money, depending on what’s chosen.  Licensing and so on costs money.

WordPress itself is a CMS (Content Management System), and as such, a WordPress website has a simple to use CMS platform.  This does occasionally require training, and as such our company offers WordPress Training onsite; so no worries there.

Since we became far more WordPress Developer related in recently years, our business has developed so much, and in a really good and manageable way.  We look after a lot of websites, and 99% are business on this platform.  Customers love it as they learn that we can do so much with the platform, and often things can be setup really quickly.  For example, a simple contact form.  to do this manually takes hours of work, to setup the code for the form, handle the processing, handling ‘dodgy’ processing, and send it out via email.  But using a simple tool we can setup a form in a matter of minutes.

WordPress is so scalable from small to large websites

WordPress websites are hugely scalable too, with amazing WordPress SEO functions.  We have websites that are just 5 or 6 pages, and ecommerce website design sites that are over 1,000 pages (because of the products and categories).  But there are even larger WordPress websites out there.  So have no fear: WordPress can handle it – visit their own website for more details too.

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What about SEO though – how does WordPress handle that?  Well over the years we have had websites developing more and more with their Search Engine Positions, including our own!  There are many tools that can guide you to improving your SEO with WordPress, but you still need the knows of… “what means what”.  Without that, you can do more harm than good.  So if you have a WordPress site that needs an SEO boost, visit our Website Audit page, or just ping us on Livechat to take a look.  It’s no trouble.

So you see, a WordPress website is such a strong system to use for any website.  Blog ManagementECommerceSemi-CommerceTraders website.  Any website design you need.  Don’t hesitate – drop us a message and let’s get you something on WordPress that works brilliantly.

Just today at the time of writing this, we had a meeting with various people about three separate websites.  One is corporate for a business that handles multiple brands.  One is for one sales their brands online, and the other was about motorcycles.  Even though they are miles apart in what they do, they are effectively run by the same ‘back end’ tools, or CMS.  But we can make them so very different and branded perfectly for the businesses.

WordPress is just amazing – let us prove it to you.

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