Semi Commerce Website Design

Demonstrate your products online as a Catalogue

When you need to show your products online, galleries, videos, categories and search.  But no online sales.  No Cart, Billing or Shipping.

No Cart Just Shop

A Semi Commerce website is one where you can add your products to the website in the usual way – but there is no monetary exchange. Put another way – it’s a Catalogue Only website.  Customers can ‘enquire’ about your products, such as cars, bikes, heavy goods – but you don’t sell them online.

No need to worry about shipping costs, or sending items out.  Just advertise your products, perhaps for your showroom.  So people can come and view your products or send them more information.

semi commerce trade website

Simple management of a semi-commerce website

We build your website, using your logo or a new one, design the whole thing, and setup a few products for you, as well as the categories.
We can even do Filters for things like Colour, Size etc, so your customers can still search and find what they want.

Like Commerce, but without the Cart!

It works like a normal Commerce website, but it’s for Viewing and Enquiring only.

semi commerce mobile

Do you want to sell... but not online?

Responsive Experience

Great for larger items

Secure online browsing

Locally built & supported

bottom curve

Semi commerce: 'make an enquiry'....

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