• 16th June 2018

What do you get in Cheap Websites

What do you get in Cheap Websites

What do you get in Cheap Websites 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

Many folks just want a cheap website – something simple, such as a one page website.  It’s something we can do in a matter of hours.  Once we have your logo, content and desired email address, we can point your domain to our systems and get you up and running in a morning.

When it comes to being optimised for Google, a one page website is going to be tough to rank well.  But if cost is your own objective, and you want to just have one page put up online with your details, photo, and some other small piece of info, we can do this from just £190 (based on our pricing on our Cheap Website Design page.

A Cheap Website is literally built quickly and cheaply.  It doesn’t including any Google My Business account, but we DO submit it to Google as part of the package.  We also include one email account.

What can Cheap Websites include?

  • Full screen image (or small image)
  • Your existing logo supplied to us
  • Links to your social media
  • Contact form

When we do such a website, we offer additional features that you might like to add, but this will of course bump up the original price.

These are features such as creating you a logo – this takes an hour or so, and is based on information you give (colour scheme, logo icon style and so on).

google my business

Google My Business

We can also create you a Google My Business account, so when someone finds you on Google, there can be a right hand pane that has your address and other details.

We can create further email accounts for you, as well as social media accounts.

If your website needs to be a few more pages, then the costs will rise, as each page is independent.  One page might be really simple, while another may take an hour or two for us to create.  So when you think of a website you are after, think of what content you need, if you want to rank well on Google, or just a place to direct your customers.

Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality!

At 7DESIGN, every website we build is made to the highest standard.  We do not take shortcuts.  While others might throw a website together and hand it over, we check it looks perfect on all devices.  So cheap does not mean bad.  We are here to make it distinctive perfect.

Just give us a call on 01775894479, email us via our support page, or even better, use the Live Chat.

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