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Livechat services
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Instant reaction from clients

Chat with your customers, live & available

Improved Customer Service

Your customers can interact with you online.

Use Browser or Phone

Customers can chat via any device.

Highly Cost Effective

Low cost setup.

What was that in the corner?

You might notice a little box popup in the corner – it’s our livechat.

We just like you to know we are here if you wanted help.  Whether it’s about your website, SEO or WordPress Training.  There is usually someone live available to chat with, so let us know if you need to chat.


Livechat benefits and features

FREE Accounts

includes added logo, colour scheme to suit, dashboard monitoring, Free App for responding to messages.

Premium Accounts

Includes above, plus improved Widget styling, history of chats, additional support

Chat Triggers

Included in paid monthly – pings messages to customers on at least two pages when customer remains there for set time.