• 20th June 2018

What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO?

What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO?

What makes good SEO, and what is Clumsy SEO? 800 392 79DESIGN Ltd

SEO, is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimisation.  When we build websites, SEO is high on our priorities, as much as the overall design.

We often get asked to run a website healthcheck, and all too often we find someone has built it with a system, such as WordPress (not a negative!), but the theme they used has placed SEO codes in the wrong place.  Or the company that has added Sub titles has used the wrong code.

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During these Website Audits, we also find that images are added with vital code missing.  It’s becoming increasingly common.  Only today we were told to look at a website that has this exact issue, and it was only built a year or so ago.

When this occurs on websites build 4-5 years ago, or more, we accept it, as back then the rules on SEO were a little different; though it is still laziness.

google rankingBut now, when every little thing can cause Google to slap you on the wrist for poor SEO, it’s vital to be spot on.

Here’s a little tip for free:  go to your homepage, look at the source code (right click, view Source), and search for:


Do you find a load of them, or none?  If you find lots of these, it means your developer has added NO Alt Tag codes to your images, or just a few.  This is very poor SEO.  If it has happened to you, call us on 01775894479, or just click ‘Website Audit’ at the top right of this page.  We can look into it for you.

Not all websites have perfect SEO – we care

We know that not every website is perfect.  But when missing titles, missing Alt Tags, and so on are found and reported to us, it does frustrate us – although, it means we grow our business as customers see that we DO care for their website and want them to grow!

Distinctly different SEO service

Because our SEO Service is distinctively different, we are sticklers for quality assurance.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!. Absolutely no idea who said that first but they were correct.

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