• 13th June 2018

What makes a good website, a fabulous website?

What makes a good website, a fabulous website?

What makes a good website, a fabulous website? 910 700 79DESIGN Ltd

We like to think we know a think or two about building websites; with over 15 years of experience in the field of Website Design, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  However, we see websites popping up here and there, and it’s clear that some companies are ok, or good at website design.  But we excel in this field, hence we feel our websites are fabulous!

Fabulous websites: quite a statement!

Well yes, it is.  Here’s why.  Let’s say a website has been created by one of these website builder companies.  At first glance it looks ok, perhaps quite clever.  Maybe images are big and fill the screen, but does it take a long time to load.

We were asked to look at such a website recently, and while the homepage was only around 2mb, which is fine, it timed out on certainly only check systems.  Over 60 seconds to load.  This is down to code, and the hosting platform.

responsive fabulous websiteWhen ‘responsive’ is not ‘responsive-clever’ at all

An area many design agencies miss, is how something looks on a phone.  Yes it might be responsive, but is it designed to be responsive.  There is a substantial difference!


  • Logo overlays the text on the page
  • Text is all crunched up and unreadable
  • Every page looks the same before you scroll down

All this is poor design – it’s lack lustre!
It’s a pet hate of ours to find websites like this.  They probably charged less to do it, hence… shortcuts!

We check everything.  We look at the website on desktop, tablet and mobile to ensure the layout is great.  If not, it’s fixed FAST.

We are different

When we build a website for you, we put the design together, check the mobile format, and then begin building the pages.
It’s at this stage we can see if the mobile view is good or bad.  Often we do websites were the top area (logo, menu..) overlaps a large image; if this image has a graphic within it, bringing down the size of the page shows very quickly how poor it has been done.

So we check everything as we go.  Do NOT just assume the page looks great on a phone… “because it is responsive”.
If it has been done badly, it will look bad.  Thus, cheap.  We are a quality website design company here in Lincolnshire, but we at times when it’s tough, we also do Cheap Website Design.  We are proud of each and every website we build, and work with each client after the build, to ensure it stays great.

lincolnshire fabulous website

Check your website – is it fabulous?

Look at your website on your phone, or just open it on your desktop browser and reduce the width of the screen – how does it look?  Does it go OFF the screen (it’s not responsive), or does text overlay and underlay other things?

If so, it’s been done poor.  Time to ring the professionals to have it done correctly. 01775894479.

Or just start a chat with it, and tell is the issues.  We are here to listen, support, and develop a fabulous website for you.

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