• 10th May 2019

We are in Spalding – Maybe Local to you?

We are in Spalding – Maybe Local to you?

We are in Spalding – Maybe Local to you? 800 600 79DESIGN Ltd

As you may know, we are based website designers in Spalding, in the South part of Lincolnshire – known as South Lincolnshire.  We cover pretty much the whole of the UK though.  We look after businesses websites from right here in Spalding, as far south as Berkshire for many commerce and non-commerce websites.  These include hobby websites such as www.justbbguns.co.uk and www.justairguns.co.uk, through to much smaller websites like www.poshpaws.pet.  These are built and managed between ourselves and another company we work with there.

It’s a great relationship we have with them.

Websites in Northern England: Lancashire

We also look after a website much further north than Spalding – Rochdale in fact, up in Lancashire.  This is the website of the well known (to many or the right era) comedian, Jimmy Cricket.  We have looked after him for many years, and even revamped his website in early 2019 (https://www.jimmycricket.co.uk).  We are friends with Jimmy and his wife May, and have a lovely relationship with them.  In fact, we see them most Christmasses for drinks and his show.

Newcastle Websites

Then if you travel a little further east…. you will reach Newcastle where we took over VDubVan.com.  They were with Wix, but it wasn’t working for them, particular in terms of SEO Ranking, so we moved it onto WordPress and they are coming along leaps and bounds.

Wordpress training trainer Lincolnshire

WordPress Training: a key service we offer

WordPress Training

But then if you travel south, quite a long way, you come back into our county of Lincolnshire, where we work for many different companies and organisations.  We provided WordPress Training for the University of Lincoln a few years ago, as well as Lincolnshire County Council, which has led to another exciting project.

Then back south to Spalding, where we live, work and have family too.  It’s not an ’empire’ yet, but our clients who value our expertise, time, and design innovation, enjoy the work we do for them.  We keep in close contact, and are here whenever they need us.  Between today and the end of this very week, we have two very important clients to see.  Both are wholesalers, one for flowers and one for vegetables.  We are so proud to have been asked to see them, to discuss and learn about their businesses and how we can help them develop their brand online in success ways.  In fact only this afternoon we had an enquiry from a local Plumbing business.  There is no limit to the kind of companies we can serve.

Local Spalding Websites

So if you are here in Spalding, or in fact reading this from anywhere on Planet Earth, do get in touch.  We are not and have never been strictly Lincolnshire website suppliers.  For the company in Berkshire, we had a USA based website for them – hosted in the USA. So with the way of the world now, location is no limit.

We can work for you, from anywhere.  We use Skype to keep in touch with clients who live far from us.  We also use Gmail (79designltd@gmail.com) for certain contacts as it works for them, as well as WhatsApp and other standard methods.

lincolnshire gmail logo


We feel we are extremely good at communication – it’s probably one of our greatest assets.  Unlike many – you email and wait days to a week for a reply – we usually reply the same day.  We are honest, true, timely and it may sound like a bit of trumpet blowing, but we are pretty damn good at it too!

Don’t hesitate: call 01775 894479, or click the little Livechat icon in the lower right corner.  We are here to chat whenever you want.


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