• 17th May 2019

What’s the cost of a website?

What’s the cost of a website?

What’s the cost of a website? 1000 752 79DESIGN Ltd

website cost question

How much is a little website?”.  We are asked this quite often.
It’s not all that easy to answer.  Why?
Here’s where we try to explain the reasons.  So bear with us, grab a tea or coffee… here we go.

A simple website

A simple 5 page website might just be for homepage, contact us, about us, our story and services.
This is a very easy website to make, and with the right content and images, would only take a few days, with a holding page (coming soon etc…) live within hours if not a day or two.

Not such a simple website

Another 5 page site might be for a homepage, contact page that needs some advanced coding.  Let’s say you want someone to select ‘Book Training’, but then you have 5 different training options, so you want those to them ‘appear’ on screen.  This can all be done, but takes a little longer than the standard fields (email, phone etc..).

You might also want a full staff listing page with plugin for managing it, a history page with timeline and a product page.  This is not a “simple” 5 page website – but is 5 pages!  So it would take more time to build thus cost more.

As we have said to many: step into a vehicle dealership and say “how much is a brand new small car?” and they may give you a price range, or ask if you want Leather seats, Air Con CD or Bluetooth and so on.

I’d like an online shop – how much would that be?

Once we step beyond the 5 page site and into ecommerce, the options are much wider.  Do you want to have simple categories, or sub categories too?  Would you like to show sizes, colours, areas to use (rooms etc), designers?  These are all add-on areas that we can look at for you, or do at a later date.

Having a website is a wonderful thing – you are live on the web.  Our job is to make it the best it can be, and to show you how to improve it from your end as well.

How do we do it?

We establish all that you need, if you need social media setting up, hosting of course, and many other aspects – or just a simple “website only”, and take it from there.  We ask what pages you feel you need.  Sometimes you need more, such as if you have 5 core services, just having a ‘Services’ page isn’t going to hold much weight with Google.  So we advise as well.

Other websites are simple at the start, but they can expand, for example we had a website that was for a local Gym, but a year on, and it was turned into an ecommerce online shop.  We are highly adept to these kinds of upgrades, and we managed it with great ease.  We setup the shop area, designed it and trained them to add their own products, so they could manage the website. Their website in Spalding has gone from the bottom of page one, to number one for their keywords.  A very happy company there, and shout out to Jack.

Here are a few ‘simple’ websites, some that are only 5-6 pages, some that are more, but still relatively simple to do, but each with their own character.

How much would you website cost?

Well let’s see what you need…. obviously you want a homepage, and a contact page.  Many like to have an About Us page to explain the business and what you do.  Then it’s down to Services, or individual pages for each core service, plus maybe a Blog which can help with SEO (we can assist there of course).

Think about what you would want to know about your business – then we turn that into a reality.  Once you have all this sorted, fill in your details below, and we will get in touch with you and make a start on a price for you.


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