• 26th April 2019

Fast Website Setup Needed

Fast Website Setup Needed

Fast Website Setup Needed 750 523 79DESIGN Ltd

There are times when you need a website setting up real quick; it can be for many reasons:

  • current host no longer supports you
  • issue with site that has crashed it
  • hacked website needs taking over professionally
  • SEO is so bad, it needs rapid help
  • your whole site has a 404 error

It’s a worry when things go wrong, 404 errors, crashing, or simply that the host doesn’t support you any longer.

Start within a day!

We have often taken on a website and within just a day; we have setup a ‘coming soon’ page, emails, and hosting – and gone live.  Then we take our time to develop the back end of the site, your content, pages, blog posts and over design, while the site is safe and sound.

If your hosting is about to expire, or the company who hosts your site is stopping business (or putting up costs and you want to move), we are here to take over and handle the website for you.  As many websites nowadays are built on CMS platforms, we can often migrate the content over.  Though sometimes we need to ‘rebuild’, like we have for websites like Weebly or Wix.  Weebly can be migrated, but since it has a vast amount of code that can be accumulated within pages and posts, that has to be cleaned up.  We performed such a task for a nutritionist company a while back.

Moving to a new platform

With Wix, it is a rebuild.  There is no means to migrate content over, but Wix sites tend not to be so huge, so are easier to rebuild anyway.  We did a job for a Wix site earlier this year for a company in Newcastle.  Within two weeks of their contacting us about major issues, their new site was with us – you can visit them here: https://www.vdubvan.com

We have had issues highlighted to us where their website was hacked via the FTP (connecting to the server and causing mayhem).  Our solution was an advanced hosting package that locks down FTP to all but us – meaning if they did get hold of the login, they couldn’t get in anyway.  It’s a feature that we are not aware of any other hosting company providing to their clients.  We login, unlock and then we can access FTP.  Frankly even we forget to login and unlock, and wonder why we cannot get through to the FTP server!  (we all have bad days)

Just recently we had a company contact us about their site, because it was only available via some archive, but still viewable.  So the plan is to setup the hosting on our platform, and point the domain to us, but using their information and imagery that is available via the Archive.  We can setup hosting and a hosting page in a matter of hours.  Then it’s the time it takes for Internet Service Providers to “see” that the domain is now pointing elsewhere.  If you contact us by 3pm we can usually act on the same day for you.

We like to get a shift on…

The frustration we sometimes have is with companies we work for, that are not working at a similar pace.  We get something done quickly when asked to work at speed and then we are waiting…………  Because we are pro-active in our working methods, we like to (as Doctor Who would say), “Get a Shift On”.

So if you need help fast, and you want to get in touch, complete this form and let us know your issues.  Or call 01775 894479, or click the livechat ‘online’ link in the lower right corner of the screen.

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