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Just Air Guns

This website was born out of the success of Just BB Guns.  The company worked hard to be able to sell Air Guns online, and after a lot of work, it happened.

As a result, we originally built a fully custom build website from the ground up – we literally wrote about 95% of the code!

Today the website runs on WordPress, and is very successful.  We designed it using a logo provided, with the design the same as their other websites.  Including Menu, Footer, Social Media area and more.  We did all the mobile formatting side of things.  The areas we don’t operate are the commerce and product and promotional banners.  But we do provide support in Commerce and in layouts.

We provide SEO work where needed, and from instruction, as well as offering our advice on these areas within their management team.

The website is not hosted on our servers, but we do manage the hosting on theirs.  It’s a great relationship.

Feltham, Essex

Services Provided