• 5th August 2015

A simple website is very effective

A simple website is very effective

A simple website is very effective 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Many websites are made to look as flashy and complicated as is possible.   A simple website is also very effective for demonstrating what you do as well.

Simple website can look amazing – not dull

We believe that simple, 5-10 page web sites must still look their best.  Effectively using logo design and colour branding, as well as appropriate fonts and banners, simple web sites can be low-cost.  They can also be well optimized for Search Engines and very interactive.

A menu with banners, pages of content, a simple blog, and perhaps some social media can make your web site interactive, while being as cost effective as it needs to be for your requirements.

The way Blogs work with Word Press now, tools like JetPack made announcing information on Social Media a breeze; look at our Jet Pack on Word Press page for more information.

So if you are after a simple little website, maybe even a one pager (though they won’t really be terribly effective for gathering much traffic and power), then contact us by the various means on here and on our main web site.


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