• 12th August 2015

Word Press Themes

Word Press Themes

Word Press Themes 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

This week among many other fun and exciting, we have been working with WordPress themes.

WordPress Themes FREE or Bought

These are ZIP files normally, that can be downloaded for free, or purchased online.  We have used themes that are free, and while they tend to be basic, often they are far from it.  They can have lovely menus in the top of the page, in line with the logo, or below the logo.  Social media can form part of the theme, or even in the footer of the page.

Purchased themes tend to have more functions, sliders, movements in thumbnail images, and so on.  To look at the finished site, one would never thing it was a theme.

Take Zombie News Live for example.  A whacky web site that’s written in Word Press and using a theme that was purchased and configured to look exactly the way they want it, down to the colours etc.  Looks really smart.

Then look at a theme like Ceramica and Stone Blog that is for a main site, to use as a blog.  This them was so nice to build and the guys that did the banners (not us we hasten to add) did a terrific job.

Moving onto our own blog you see here – this is actually a free Word Press theme.  We configured it to look how we wanted it.  But it goes to show that Word Press is pretty good stuff, until you hit problems, and then where you do need help.  Sometimes these can be from not understanding “CSS” to make things look right, or it can be more technical stuff that even we have to go and research to get an solution.

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