• 3rd August 2015

Live Chat with friendly Spalding team

Live Chat with friendly Spalding team

Live Chat with friendly Spalding team 1024 502 79DESIGN Ltd

Contacting a web design company can sometimes be daunting, because of all the technical terms you might hear over the phone.  Listening to them talking about WordPress, about Social Media, about costs.  Use Live Chat!

Live Chat where you see this

Do you find an impersonal Live Chat less daunting?

It sounds wrong – “impersonal”; Live Chat can be a really useful way to converse with a design company about what you want, at a pace you want to talk.

Our method of talking with new and existing customers, is to try and be as “lamens terms” as possible, but this is sometimes not so easy.  So we enjoy chatting by typing, as much as the next person.  So if you are looking for a local website design company in Spalding, or you live anywhere in the UK and you need perhaps some WordPress Support, ping our livechat.  This comes with a promise: it will never be an ‘automated bot’.. they are so annoying.  We are real!

So next time you want to talk to a web design company about a web site, about training, or anything related to that, but you don’t want to “make the call” and get overwhelmed by it all; or you don’t want to hear a salesman on the phone, use Livechat.

You can view ours at the bottom right of our web site screen.  It’s free to use and we welcome its usage with open arms!