• 13th December 2017

Fast Web Hosting transfer performed

Fast Web Hosting transfer performed

Fast Web Hosting transfer performed 1024 492 79DESIGN Ltd

Today we had some pretty difficult issues with a website that is hosted by a USA company. Their service is just not up to the par that we expect.  We were due to move it in 2018, but it was decided at 2pm today, that we would just move it across.  But there were TWO websites to move.  So we got our foot in gear, and began the work.

It was a high priority job, and one of the websites was over 5gb in size (very large!).  But with a lot of effort, and some technical knowledge to get around some tricky issues, some that the existing host refused to help with, we transfer it all over in record time.

fast website hosting transfersVery fast web hosting transfers

Sometimes a very fast response is needed from us.  We are usually quick anyway.  But this required something extraordinary, and we are pleased that we were able to perform this in such a swift manner.

From Saturday or Monday, our client’s two websites will be on a far more stable service here in the UK.  The server operators behind it are the best around, and we won’t have the issues we have faced in the past.

For one website we could use a tool to transfer it over within the space of an hour.

With the second site, we had to do it much more manually which took up most of the time.

Fast Website Hosting Service

The service now is far superior.  It’s fast.  We have amazing control from the control system to make changes.  The previous hosts’s setup left a lot to be desired!  But now we can ring our providers and speak to UK folks for help.

I’m am so pleased we were able to do this, and think the outcome will mean their website performs in a far more efficient way.

We have also regularly transferred non-https sites to our secure service.  We are often contacted about ranking, and a big issue is the type of hosting.  We recently moved https://www.destinymanandvan.co.uk and https://www.fedorastrings.com to our secure SSL Hosting services.  Our service levels have proved highly popular, and as such they enjoy a far better level of support and secure hosting.

If you have a website that has poor performance through the service provider, or a very slow speed and you need a company who can make it work far superior, give us a call: 01775894479.  Or email support@79design.org.uk.  We don’t just deal with the huge websites.  We deal with much smaller ones too.

We are here to help.  We always respond every day of the week.

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