• 3rd July 2018

Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website?

Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website?

Converting HTTP to HTTPS on your website? 724 412 79DESIGN Ltd

In the past year (2018), we have done more and more secure HTTPS websites – this is because Google decided that ‘secure is better’, even if it is not a Commerce Shopping website.  So what if you need to be converting http to https?

ecommerce website hosting

We now always do new sites in this way.  Converting an existing site to HTTPS is relatively straight forward, though depending on your site’s setup, it can take a little time.

converting http to https

But why is HTTPS so important – especially now?  Take a look at this article from Search Engine Land.  It explains that Google Chrome will now states in the browser address bar if the site is “not secure”.  It kind of looks ‘bad’ to the customer.  On some devices it shows up red as well.

As we have said here, there was a time when only e-Commerce website design needed to be secure, mostly because of the transactions involved and because you may have an account with that website.

What about non-commerce websites?

But not so with others, ie.  we don’t need accounts for you to browse our website, but ours is HTTPS and has been for some time.

It doesn’t make it slow.  Google will rank you better for it, and it gives the customer a greater feeling of security when they see the ‘lock’ symbol.

How would we convert your website from http to https?

This depends on your host – if we can convert it https with no change in host, and upgrade your internal pages, then we can do that for you.  However we often find moving the hosting to us, using our HTTPS system and upgrading your site, means we can provide a great level of support, after converting from http to https.

All our Website Hosting packages include HTTPS, no matter what the size of website.

We have various website hosting package solutions, as it depends on the scale of your website, and many include website support, updates, SEO and even Social Media.  We don’t just host.

If you are unsure, or need to get a little advice, we are here to help.  Give us a call on 01775894479, or just click the livechat and ask away.

Update 2020: Now all websites really must be SSL.  We still see websites that are not, and if you are on WordPress, we can move you to WordPress Support to get Secure Hosting within hours.  We can host it for you too.  Then your website will rank better as Google will see your website is Safe as well as Secure.

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