• 25th November 2018

Sell Online – much easier!

Sell Online – much easier!

Sell Online – much easier! 950 627 79DESIGN Ltd

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It’s that time of year when businesses begin to take a fresh look at how they do things.  Is the website up to scratch?  Does it look good or rubbish on a phone?  Is it selling online?  Are your products easy to find on your website, do you want to get them on Google?

ecommerce Lincolnshire web designer website

ecommerce website development

Because we develop websites all the time, local companies come to us asking us to either upgrade their website into an ecommerce website, or to a brand new one.

Either way – we can do it.  If your website is WordPress, we can convert it into an online shopping experience, upgrade the tools adjust menus and get your website selling to your customers.

mobile responsive ecommerce website lady

An ECommerce website can have a gallery of photos which you can add easily from your PC, Mac or Phone.  Add loads of information for your customers to read about each product.  Whether it is a scarf, a watch, a coat or a car. Makes no difference.  We can sell it online.

If your website is hosted and you are happy, we can probably keep it there.  Or, we can move it to our platform, host it securely and maintain it all for you.

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