• 25th February 2018

Brand new Ebay Image Hosting service available

Brand new Ebay Image Hosting service available

Brand new Ebay Image Hosting service available 1024 341 79DESIGN Ltd

At 79DESIGN we like to develop new tools for clients… and we have created a cracker for you!  There are many image hosting tools online; some are ok, some are very clunky and offer very little support.  Most with little to no support are free.  Ours is brand new, custom designed, and with amazing support.  Our new system is the Ebay Store Image Hosting platform.

No Domain needed – fully hosted service

Some services require you to have your own domain.  We can do this with your existing site if we host it, but if you have NO domain, you can use our new service and we provide you with the code to add the image to your websites or Ebay Store service.  We don’t touch any other domain.  You simple use our service to upload your photos from your PC or Phone, and use the embedding code to add the images to your Ebay Store.

Ebay Store Image hosting with the finest support

All our images are hosted SSL Securely; considering Ebay is secure, having images that are hosted securely, ensures a better experience.

ebay store image hosting ukSo we developed this in-house system that means you can create an account, setup a simple payment scheme with us, and upload all the photos you need.  We offer some support for this too, but should you need a lot of extra support, for example with Ebay itself, this requires a more premium support service.

Basic image hosting service, with support

The basic service is simple though.  You are given the URL of your uploaded image.  The ‘<img’> code the ebay and other sites require, is all there on the page for you.  If you get stuck, our Livechat is right there on screen to help you whenever you need it.

It’s really very good and very smart.  We will also be adding a new ‘Wishlist’ feature, whereby you can tell us what things you wish the application could do, and we will work hard to make it happen for you.

We are already looking at ways to ‘sort’ the images.

Please visit our Ebay store Image Hosting page today for details, and the means to create your new account.

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