• 21st July 2015

Makeover on Just BB Guns thumbs / menu

Makeover on Just BB Guns thumbs / menu

Makeover on Just BB Guns thumbs / menu 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Makeover on Just BB Guns ups the game on design…again

79DESIGN makeover on Just BB Guns improves the web site dramatically.  The UK’s leader retailer in airsoft BB guns gets a makeover that helps customers slide through what they are looking for on it’s “thumbnail” pages.

There use to be page numbers, to tap through page by page.  But now, just slide through the pages to see more and more products just appear on the screen.
It’s a much better experience for customers on their mobiles, as tapping “next” or 1, 2, 3…. is a bit of a drag.  Now there is no need to do that.

Just BB Guns Logo - 79DESIGN makeover on just bb guns

Better social media as well as thumbnails on Just BB Guns Makeover

We have also helped speed up the site by reducing what’s loaded on the screen for mobiles, and using a better method for linking to social media.  The top of the Just BB Guns’ web sites are nor formatting far better for mobile, with clean icons.  The phone helps you share content anyway, so now just use the icons to link through to their social media.

The banners on the homepage for mobile now look more “app-like”, bringing a far superior experience to it’s customers.

These efforts by 79DESIGN are stretching out to ALL the Just BB Guns Group of web sites, in all countries.  Improving the user experience for its customers, in Europe and the United States.

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