• 27th October 2015

Custom Websites inthebox tool

Custom Websites inthebox tool

Custom Websites inthebox tool 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

We regularly create new custom tools for websites.  Sometimes they are the simplest of ideas; other times they can be very specialized.  This week we have developed a specialized website tool called “inthebox”.

The customer sees what’s “inthebox”

The client sells a great range of products and often their customers ask “what is actually in the box?”.  So we created a tool within their administration area, where they can add each item to be found in the box.  ie.

  • glasses
  • gloves
  • manual

It means they need to go through each product and add these items, which can be a drag, and you might get lost knowing which product has these items added, and which don’t.  So we also added a little function on the inventory page to show which products are using this tool.  And how many items are in each product’s box.

Apparently what we have done is “just what we wanted”.  The layout on the consumer page is perfect too.  It draws the eyes to that section of the page, while not distracting from the rest of the page.  It’s also brand aware.


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